Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Things The Gators Need To Do Versus The Wildcats

Andre Debose Florida Gators
On Saturday, the Florida Gators welcome the Kentucky Wildcats to The Swamp. I can't imagine that too many Gator fans are nervous about the team losing, and most of them probably want to see Will Muschamp and Co. put a large amount of points on the scoreboard. Honestly, I'm not as concerned with the score as I am with using the opportunity to really work on some key areas. For me, there are five items that I would like the Gators to actively work on during tomorrow's game. They are:

1. Get Andre Debose Involved
Seriously. I would like to say this list is in no particular order, but Debose is non-existent in the offense right now. With the kickoffs being moved up he's not going to do much damage there this season. Instead, he needs to use his speed and elusiveness during gameplay. I don't mind seeing him on Jet Sweeps, but would rather see him catching passes down the field. Please Brent Pease make this happen.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Victory Formation: Gators Beat Volunteers

This image is so much better than the one in the post below. Thank you Coach Muschamp and Florida football players for providing us with this endlessly entertaining GIF(image courtesy SB Nation), and for coming home with a 37-20 win over the Tennessee Volunteers.

My original prediction of a 27-20 win for the Gators wasn't too far off, and I'm very happy those extra 10 points went up on the Florida side of the scoreboard. I felt relatively good that UF was only down four at halftime, even after settling for a field goal right before the half. However, I didn't expect a 27-6 scoring binge in favor of the Gators in the second half. Let's see how the Gators ended up with the victory, and how close my other predictions were.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How And Why The Florida Gators Can Beat The Tennessee Volunteers

First, if Tyler Bray does this at all on Saturday night versus the Gators, I'm probably throwing a beer glass through my TV. With that out of the way here's why I'm optimistic that Florida can escape Knoxville with a win.

Florida Runs the Ball Better
If you've seen any of the recent Florida vs Tennessee games, then you've heard the stat that the team with the most rushing yards wins. I won't break down past rushing numbers, but looking each team's performance against their toughest opponent of 2012 I am confident that Florida is the better rushing team.

Comparing Florida's game versus Texas A&M to Tennessee's game versus N.C. State I noticed that Florida didn't have as many negative rushing plays. Shocking, I know. Here's the breakdown:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2004, Tennessee Football & Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo & Tennessee Football
Realizing that Florida has rattled off seven straight wins against the Volunteers even surprised me a little bit. I knew that the Gators had been victorious in most of their recent contests with Tennessee, but it doesn't feel like seven wins. Just for perspective here's the song that was #1 on the radio(according to Billboard) the last time the Volunteers beat the Gators(September 18, 2004):

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 2 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Every week I'll scout players that are likely available in your fantasy football league, and provide  "sleepers" from the four key positions, quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end. I'll also provide one kicker and one team defense.

This is based on a 10 team PPR Yahoo! league that starts one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end and one flex(W/R) player. I'm denoting "sleeper" as less than 75% owned, though, there may be borderline players that I don't include because they're probably not available in most leagues. Also, this is only week two so you should still be starting most of the players you drafted, but if you feel like swinging for the fences with some boom or bust picks be my guest.

My Yahoo! league tells me that Joe Flacco is 74% owned. Technically, he's under that 75% bar, but I wouldn't consider him a sleeper after that Monday night performance.

Sam Bradford: Currently 22% ownership. Bradford was serviceable in his opener against Detroit going 17/25(68%) for 198 yards and 1 touchdown with no turnovers. His opponent this week, the Washington Redskins, got out to a quick start against the New Orleans Saints last Sunday and survived Drew Brees trying to pass his way back into a win. Here's the thing though, Washington's defense only had to defend 10 rushing attempts. Steven Jackson should rack up at least twice as many, and open up the field for Bradford. I can see Bradford passing for at least 250 yards and two scores.

Christian Ponder: Currently 12% owned. Ponder really didn't do much last week versus the Jaguars, but with AP rumbling for two touchdowns he didn't really need to. This week's opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, is fresh off giving up over 300 yards passing and two touchdowns to Jay Cutler. I expect to see much more impressive offense take the field for Minnesota this weekend, and Ponder should put up 300+ yards and two touchdowns.

Andy Dalton: Currently 50% owned. Cincinnati got torched by the Ravens on Monday night, but a lot of that was due to the defense's inability to stop Baltimore's offense. Joe Flacco only threw eight incompletions while hitting almost 300 yards and connecting for two touchdowns. Brandon Weeden will not do that this week, and I like Cincinnati to get rolling early in this game. I'd peg Dalton for 250 yards passing and at least two, maybe three, touchdowns.

At It Again

Posts here have been sporadic over the past couple of years. Daily life got busy, and gobbled up more and more of the time that I usually carved out for researching and writing. However, I still very much enjoy that process, and I've decided to set aside the necessary time to get this thing going again. Hopefully, this becomes a place for insightful discourse on a variety of subjects.