Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Daytona Cubs Fan Putting Life On The Line For Streak

Some things are worth risking your life over. Maybe you're trying to save a loved one, or maybe you just want to give people sweaty palms while they're watching your YouTube footage(mon dieu!) Either way, they're both a bit more worthy of possibly threatening your life than continuing a streak of minor league baseball games attended. Right? Well, not to Daytona Cubs superfan "Front Row Joe".

You see, Joe has a medical condition that he intends to get checked the offseason.

You're like a player that plays hurt, aren't you?

"Yeah. I have a condition in my leg. My doctor calls it smoking disease. It looks like I have PAD -- peripheral artery disease. They want me to see a vascular surgeon. So I guess I'm going to have to have that taken care of in the off-season, because I'm not going to risk it right now. I can't. It's been too long."

You're not going to risk what, your health or the streak?

"The streak. It means too much to me."

It all goes back to those cigarettes.

"Yeah, if I knew then what I know now I never would have started with those damn things. By the time I walk out to put up my new number every night, I have to rest. It kinda hurts. I intend to have it looked at in the off-season."

Apparently, Joe made it to game 900 this past Tuesday because I didn't hear any news of the streak being broken. I have to give it up to the guy for sticking it out this long, but geez man, get yourself to the surgeon as soon as the season ends.

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