Friday, November 21, 2008

Florida's Speed Alters Time, Causes Large Scores

Last Saturday's game against South Carolina was a blowout. The Gators put up half-a-hundred on the Gamecocks, and thoroughly destroyed their highly ranked defense. However, it wasn't quite as a big of a beatdown as the Orlando Sentinel would like you to believe.

Yes, it did feel like the Gators scored 423 points, but in reality it was only 56. Sadly, it probably felt like 500 points to the OBC.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Motherf@ckin' Computers

I know that the BCS is not a perfect system. I know that right now it's the best we have. However, I can't say that I was exactly happy when I pulled up the latest standings and saw Florida sitting at #4.

I understand that if they win out, including a victory in the SEC title game against an unbeaten Alabama squad, they should play for the BCS Championship. I also understand that Texas lost to the current #2 team in the country, and that Florida's loss came at home against a middle of the road Ole Miss team. Those things I won't dispute.

However, what are the fucking computers doing ranking Utah at #4, and putting Oklahoma and Florida tied at 5th?

Seriously, Utah?

They play the 55th toughest schedule, and didn't beat their first ranked opponent, TCU(#11), until this past Saturday. In the 10th game of the season.

Obviously someone somewhere has a love affair with teams that "crash" the BCS. Hopefully they open one of those "A Card From Your Best Friend" e-mails, and their computer crashes next week.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're Gonna Tase You Bro!

Women wielding tasers is nothing new. Just think of them as the 21st century version of mace, or a well-placed knee to the crotch.

However, at least one of the females attending this party looks be readying herself for what could be a contentious finish to the college football season.

So, just remember that if you're the fan of a 1-loss team at the end of the season, and you don't think that the woman wearing orange and blue is serious about the electrical damage she's threatening to inflict, she most certainly is. And she's been practicing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ohio State Buckeyes: Still Having Problems Winning The Big One

Back-to-back drubbings in the BCS Championship Game, and now this.

Over the past few days you've probably heard about "Joe the Plumber". Well, it appears that Joe is a Buckeyes fan, and that he's supporting John McCain in the presidential election. If the polls finish the way they stand today, then that means that 'ole Joe will have seen the "team" that he backed in the "big game" go 0-3.

Though, if the BCS has taught us anything it's that the polls can look a lot different week to week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr. Laybourn And His Football Ascot Are Here To Crash Your Party

The scene: Approximately three minutes left in the fourth quarter of the USC/Oregon State game. The Trojans are trailing by 7 points, and USC quarterback Mark Sanchez is preparing to lead his team on the tying drive. USC is ready to score and party on as #1. Until Greg Laybourn shows up.

Sanchez: Alright guys we have to get into the end zone, so we can go home, get to bed as the unanimous #1 and allow Coach Carroll to rack up his 15 minutes of sleep.

USC Offense: We hear ya. Let's get this shit over with, and hope that we can hang on to #1.

Greg Laybourn: Excuse me fellas, do you mind if I join you at your wonderful party?

USC: Uhhh, why don't you take your ascot and get the hell off of our field? Haven't you heard the hype? We're one of the best teams of all time.

Laybourn: Ascot? Why just for that I'm going to take your...uh....uh...actually, I'll take this motherfucking football thank you very much!

Laybourn snatches a Sanchez pass out of the air, and returns the interception back to the USC 2-yard line.

USC: Ahhhhh! Sonuvabitch! Not again!

Coach Carroll: [/tears][/does brain yoga to calm soul]

Oregon State: Screw you USC! We upset you yet again. Choke on our ascots!

Proof, that you should never fuck with a man wearing an ascot.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Urban Meyer's Misguided Anger

Urban Meyer isn't a big fan of the new clock rules in college football. You know, the ones that were supposed to give us, the fans, a more exciting experience, but have really just cut some more time off of the game. Meyer thinks they're "awful", and is upset that they're costing the Gators snaps on the offensive side of the ball.

Florida Coach Urban Meyer is upset at the new clock-rule changes.

After being limited to what he calls 46 competitive plays Saturday against Tennessee, Meyer came out firing Monday about the new 40/25-second and out-of-bounds clock rules that have reduced the number of offensive plays. He called them “awful.”

Unfortunately, Meyer's anger about the reduced number of "competitive plays" in the Tennessee game shouldn't be directed at the clock. Instead, it should be directed at the Vols coaches and players.

They were the ones that robbed the Gators of more snaps on offense by allowing Brandon James to return a punt 78 yards for a touchdown. The Vols also took away more snaps by giving the Gators starting field position on the Tennessee side of the field for 3 out of their 5 scoring drives.

If anyone is to be blamed for robbing Florida of more competitive plays it has to be the Vols. Though, when the score was 20-0 in favor of Florida at the half Meyer had to know that it wasn't going to be a very competitive game.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday Night: Junior T.O. vs. Little Randy

If you thought this weekend's Alabama vs. Georgia game was just another SEC battle you would be partially correct.

It is going to be a knock down, drag out affair, but it's also going to showcase two of the best freshman wide receivers in the country. One, Julio Jones from 'Bama, has been called "Junior T.O.", the other, A.J. Green from Georgia, is known to some as "Little Randy".

And since YouTube videos are worth substantially more than 1,000 words I present you with some highlights of each player(prep). Just sit back, and let their amazing moves soothe your college football soul.

Can't wait for Saturday night now can you? Be patient my friends, you'll be seeing some amazing SEC catches in no time.

Peyton Manning Would Like A Shot At A Gold Medal

Apparently, Peyton Manning did not enjoy seeing Michael Phelps win eight gold medals at the Olympics without being able to do something about it. Oh well, at least he performed better on Saturday Night Live.

Refusing to stand idly by Mr. Manning has decided to put his stamp of approval on a petition to get the Olympic Committee to include American football on its list of sports. And based on his words at, it sounds like he's pretty damn serious about the whole thing.

And if you don't agree, then you're obviously being completely bogus.

(In the interest of disclosure, in the e-mail I received pertaining to this I was offered a $25 gift certificate to Eastbay for posting the "widget". However, putting this up for humor far outweighs any credit at Eastbay.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere: Blowout Edition

Since it's Friday, and the end of the workweek for most people, we think that you should be provided with a post that takes the edge off so to speak. Because it's going to be random and hopefully humorous, that means that it won't always be sports related. It will also pop up at any time on Friday.

Sorry, this post is totally unrelated to Johnathan and his salon, and I know that some of you hair afficiandos are devastated(*cough*Jimmy Clausen*cough*). However, it has everything to do with Florida beating Tennessee 59-20 last year. So sit back and enjoy the asswhooping.

Happy Friday!

Bringin' The Wood: UF vs UT

Every year when Florida faces Tennessee I dig up two images from the past that perfectly represent what I want to see the Gators do on the field.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Yes, the appropriate response to both is "oooooooh....(silence)...that's gotta fuckin' hurt".

Hopefully Saturday there will be lots of big hits being placed on the Vols. In fact, Tennessee's o-line might want to take extra special care of Johnathan Crompton because who knows how many hits that gimpy ankle will be able to take. With any luck, Jermaine Cunningham will make some appearances in the UT backfield, and if we're lucky he'll pick some sacks and maybe a loose helmet or two.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What To Watch For Wednesday: UF vs UT

Here's a little segment that may or may not show up every Wednesday during the college football season. To start, it's going to focus on some things to watch for during the UF vs UT game.

Who will replace C.I.? This game is probably going to be the first one where Florida could struggle with the loss of Cornelius Ingram. Sure, they have a ton of playmakers, but in last year's contest C.I. tallied 3 receptions for 56 yards and caught one of Tebow's two passing touchdowns. I have no doubt that Hernandez and Casey can put up similar stats, and hopefully they'll answer the call should Tebow need them for some crucial plays.

Is this when Emmanuel Moody breaks out? Seriously, is he still on the team? He's gotten two carries so far this season, eventhough Coach Meyer was seemingly touting him as the feature back during the spring. However, even with those paltry stats a part of me can't help but feel that Meyer is waiting for just the right moment to unleash him. It just seems like it's a big secret that only the team knows about, and after he runs for a good amount of yards and some scores they'll be telling all the reporters about how they had to keep it on the DL. Though, after last year's shenanigans it might not be unveiled until the Georgia game.

Will Florida's rushing Medusa outgain the Vols' tandem? Foster and Hardesty are strong runners, and we all know how important the rushing stats are in this series. But will they be able to put up more yards than a group that's made up of Tebow, Harvin, Demps, Rainey, James, Moore and possibly Moody? That's a lot of bodies to throw at a team in the rush game, and a lot of different looks that can be used to trick the defense. Even more than the amount that the Gators had last year when they won 59-20.

Can Florida's secondary remain scorch free? Last season, Florida's secondary should have been playing in Nomex jerseys because they got burnt constantly. If there's one bright spot it's that when Jonathan Crompton came in last year against the Gators he went 2-for-5 with an INT. UT's receiving corps isn't quite as strong as past seasons, though, the opposition's talent hasn't always had to be high in order for Florida to give up big passing numbers. This year the unit does seem much more cohesive, and there's no doubt that they can ballhawk sideline to sideline.

All in all, it should be another exciting SEC opener for both teams. Florida seemingly is the more talented team, and should pull out a win. Hopefully even better than the 39 point drubbing they dropped on the Vols last year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Minnesota Vikings, A Great Team In Need Of A Good Quarterback

As a Dolphins fan I can sympathize with my buddy Eric that is a Vikings fan. For years it seemed like Miami was one good running back away from making a legit Super Bowl run. Then, when they finally had a solid running game, the passing game went to hell. And unfortunately it's remained that way for quite a few years(though, now the team sort of sucks all over).

Anyway, this was supposed to be Minnesota's year. The defense was revamped, and looked imposing(at least on paper), and the running game was dominant last year. However, the passing game left something to be desired, and through the first two games of the season it's still that way.

I hate to say it, but Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer at quarterback for this year's Vikings team. This team has been built to win now. Not be managed by a quarterback project that head coach Brad Childress is too proud(or stupid) to put on the shelf for at least the short term. Jackson didn't play much Division 1 football(he transferred after Matt Jones was named the starter at Arkansas), and while he does have raw talent he does not have the experience or intellect at the present time to master reading NFL defenses at the speed it requires. It's hard enough for the guys who excelled at the premier Division 1 colleges to do(*cough*Leinart*cough*), and even harder for the guys who didn't face that type of opposition week in and week out.

The bad thing is that there aren't a lot of options out there right now. Jeff Garcia may be done in Tampa, but I doubt that the Bucs are going to let him go to Minnesota. They could try to lure Jake Plummer out of retirement by offering to work out a deal for his rights. They could even try to bring back Culpepper(how much worse than T-Jack could he be?).

One thing is certain, they need to get this quarterback problem figured out immediately, or they'll end up just like my Dolphins teams that always seemed to be one piece away from being serious contenders.

Let The Hate Begin: UF vs Tennessee

So, we're officially on the second day of UF vs Tennessee week, and I thought that it would be a good time to get it going here.

After all, Percy Harvin seems to be ready for the game, so we all should be ready for the game. In fact, Mr. Harvin may be more ready for this game than any of them between 10th grade and now:

After missing the spring and most of the preseason recovering from heel surgery, Harvin said he’s 100 percent now and feeling better than he ever has in his Florida career. Better than he has in a long time.

When asked when was the last time he’s felt this good, Harvin said, “My 10th grade in high school. (The heel) has been nagging me since high school. I did the long jump and played basketball and ran track. All those years it was tearing the bone in my heel. We’ve got it all figured out now. I feel 100 times better.”

Yeah, so all of those plays where he made some moves and outran the defense? He wasn't at 100%. Including last year's Tennessee game where he had 75 yards rushing(20 of which came on the play below...down in front!) and 120 yards receiving.

Honestly, at this point the scariest thing about the Vols is Eric Berry. But he isn't going to be putting points on the scoreboard(hopefully), so he's not as threatening as a gamebreaking receiver or running back. Though, Foster and Hardesty are a good tandem.

If all goes well, the Gators will be tallying up another win against Tennessee. The fourth straight for Coach Meyer since he beat them 16-7 back in 2005.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

North Korea Wanted To Get Him A Body Bag!(Literally)

This might not involve Johnny and The Karate Kid, but it's every bit as serious. Apparently, North Korean spies infiltrated the International Taekwondo Federation in the 80's, and attempted to use it as a tool to assassinate South Korean President Chun Doo Hwan.

The Korea Times quoted Choi Jung-hwa, son of the late Choi Hong-hi who founded the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) in 1966, as saying North Korea ordered overseas ITF masters, including himself, to assassinate President Chun Doo Hwan.

"After taking control of the ITF, the North trained spies and sent them overseas, disguising them as taekwondo masters," the Korea Times quoted Choi as telling reporters on his return to South Korea on Monday after living overseas for 34 years.

The Korea Times quoted Choi as saying he plotted to kill Chun on a visit to Canada in 1982, but Canadian police got wind of the plan and Choi fled to North Korea.

Damn, it sounds like the North Koreans were planning on doing more than just sweeping the leg.

Ocho...Ah Screw It...That's A Lot Of Money

So Chad Johnson legally changed his last name to "Ocho Cinco", and thought it would be a breeze to get the NFL to allow him to sport it on the back of his jersey. Well, that plan just hit a snag. A $4+ million snag.

"Don't expect to see Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco wearing his new name on a jersey anytime soon. CNBC's Darren Rovell reports on his blog that the former Mr. Johnson would be forced to buy out the stock of the 100,000 remaining "C. Johnson" jerseys before making the switch to "Ocho Cinco". If Reebok asked Ocho Cinco to pay for the cost of making the unsold jerseys, the total could reach upwards of $4 million (or $50 million pesos)."

Haha, that is awesome. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of Johnson's antics, but lately it seems that's he grasping at straws and not doing it to solicit laughs. I have no problem with a little showboating if it's good-natured and fun, but when it borders on pathetic I like to see it get shutdown. I guess we'll have to wait and see if sporting "Ocho Cinco" on the back of his jersey is really worth that much to Chad "Hugh" Johnson.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Florida vs Hawaii, The Quasi-Live Blog

Yes, Busta, you're right. We made it...finally.

Good thing this is only a "quasi-live" blog of the Florida/Hawaii tussle since it's getting started part way through the second quarter. Oh well, better late than never, and as Kanye said "you should be honored by my lateness".

Anyway, Major Wright just gave the Gators a pick-six, and the secondary has looked pretty good. Though, it's not like Colt Brennan is still under center for Hawaii. Wright has also laid the wood on a few tackles, and if he can cover pass routes as good as he hits this season then we could see an heir to RFN's stature as "scary fuckin' safety".

Joe Haden just recovered a fumble, and UF's secondary is all over the field today. There are five of them covering sideline to sideline, so they better be blanketing a lot of turf.

Brandon James returns a punt for a TD, and there's a there's not. It's a fucking miracle! Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come.

Chris Rainey for a TD. Yes, he is one of the fastest guys in college football, and it's nice to see him socring when he gets his hands on the ball.

Speed. Last season it seemed that if a defender made a mistake there was no one else to help out. So far this season, Florida's defense is swarming with DB's, LB's and D-linemen.

Real life is taking over now, so this will end the "live blog". So far, I'm pleased by what I've seen out of Florida. Hopefully, the offense can get on track a bit more because they'll need to score points and put together long drives when they start their SEC schedule.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wait Is Over, It's Time To Rock 'n Roll

Yes, it's been a long seven months. Yes, it's seemed more like seven years. And hell yes, college football kicks off tonight!

You get 14 games to start the season, and each one should be devoured in its own special way because you, my friends, are hungry beasts.

So head to your favorite bar, and let them know you're still alive eventhough you haven't been there in almost 28 weeks, or post up on the couch and watch from the comfort of your home. It doesn't really matter. Just soak it all in because the 2008 season will be gone before you know it.
And to rock us into the start of this season, I bring you the musical stylings of Muse and their song "Knights of Cydonia". I could draw comparisons to the lyrics or talk about the Cydonia region on Mars, but really it's posted because the track fucking rocks and the video makes me laugh. And really, that's all college football is about. Making us feel good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Perpetrating College Football Stereotypes

Stereotypes are funny because there is always some element of truth to them. Yes, oftentimes they can be blatantly racist and/or hurtful. However, when you're pointing them out and it involves someone similar to you, then at least you're letting others know that it's ok to laugh.

For instance, I'm a graduate of the University of Florida. Over time, our fanbase, especially as it relates to football, has been known to wear a certain article of clothing. At some point, I'm not exactly sure when, this piece of clothing was considered "cool". Though, in time it gravitated more towards being associated with "redneck", "mobile home", "hick" or some other derogatory statement referencing inbreeding and stupidity. Of course, I'm referring to "jorts".

For those of you that are unaware of exactly what "jorts" are think about the attire proudly worn by at least 50%(that's a highly conservative estimate) of NASCAR fans. Yes, there's the racing hat, racing shirt(either beer or tobacco related, likely without sleeves) and the always stylish pair of jean shorts. Or, "jorts". So now you know exactly what's being discussed here, and you're ready to see just how the stereotype that "Gators Wear Jean Shorts" was being carried on last Saturday morning. Behold, the power of the "jorts"!

Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't great and I was using a camera phone, though, better equipment wouldn't have made much of a difference because based on the Gators sleeveless shirt, jorts and Gators crocs this man was important and had to move at a hurried pace.

Ahhh stereotypes, you gotta love 'em.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally, Some Happiness From The Jets

As a Dolphins fan(thanks for the condolences) I usually have nothing but dislike for the Jets. It's nothing personal, just that they're in the same division as Miami and facing them twice a year brings ample opportunity to foster some hatred.

However, their signing of Brett Favre resulted in the release of Chad Pennington. That release resulted in Miami signing Pennington. It also means that he'll probably be the starting quarterback for the Dolphins when they face the Jets in the first game of the season.

And how sweet would it be to see Pennington beat wonderboy Brett Favre, and hand an opening day loss to his former team and Miami's hated division rival? Honestly, if Miami only wins one game again this season I hope it's this one.

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Killin' Em Softly Edition

Since it's Friday, and the end of the workweek for most people, we think that you should be provided with a post that takes the edge off so to speak. Because it's going to be random and hopefully humorous, that means that it won't always be sports related. It will also pop up at any time on Friday.

I know everyone has missed this compelling segment in my absence. Lucky for you guys it's back and better than ever. Well, maybe not better, but it doesn't suck any worse either.

Anyway, I've recently rediscovered the hilarity that is Dave Chappelle's "Killin' Em Softly" routine. The first clip has one of my favorite Chappelle bits of all time where he's talking about his friend Chip. It cracks me up everytime.

Happy Friday!

Aaaand We're Back, Just Like Brett Favre

It's been almost a month since my last post on the Sports Oasis. Chalk it up to being busy, moving to a new city, getting drunk for 30 consecutive days...whatever. The point is, the posts are back just like Brett Favre.

What's that? You didn't realize that Favre was ever gone? Well, that's understandable since he basically pulled the same semi-retirement bullshit he does every offseason just on a higher level.

When Favre announced his retirement I lauded him for going out on top. Then it became apparent that the Favre lovefest wasn't going to end anytime soon. In fact, it appeared that he wasn't even going to stay retired, and that somewhat changed my opinion that Favre had finished his career admirably.

Now, we're a little over five months from the day Favre announced his "retirement", and we get to turn on the TV and see him holding up a New York Jets jersey.

Fucking great.

You know, if this was another player, one who had never hinted at retirement or strung people along with the idea that he might not be coming back, I might could give them a pass on this. However, this is Brett "I seemingly almost retire every offseason" Favre we're talking about, and based on his prior track record regarding this matter he's handled this in the most douchetastic way possible.

Yet, if there's one small positive thing in this debacle it's that he went to the Jets. Yes, I know that my beloved Dolphins will have to face him twice this year, but I had no grand illusions of them being all that good this season. Sure, the Jets will probably beat them, but I will relish each and every interception that he throws against Miami.

Hey, this is Brett Favre we're talking about. He's good for at least two or three int's over a two game span.

So, welcome back Brett. I can't wait to see you heave passes into the arms of your opponents just like you did to close out that NFC Championship game. It's going to be sweet.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Daytona Cubs Fan Putting Life On The Line For Streak

Some things are worth risking your life over. Maybe you're trying to save a loved one, or maybe you just want to give people sweaty palms while they're watching your YouTube footage(mon dieu!) Either way, they're both a bit more worthy of possibly threatening your life than continuing a streak of minor league baseball games attended. Right? Well, not to Daytona Cubs superfan "Front Row Joe".

You see, Joe has a medical condition that he intends to get checked the offseason.

You're like a player that plays hurt, aren't you?

"Yeah. I have a condition in my leg. My doctor calls it smoking disease. It looks like I have PAD -- peripheral artery disease. They want me to see a vascular surgeon. So I guess I'm going to have to have that taken care of in the off-season, because I'm not going to risk it right now. I can't. It's been too long."

You're not going to risk what, your health or the streak?

"The streak. It means too much to me."

It all goes back to those cigarettes.

"Yeah, if I knew then what I know now I never would have started with those damn things. By the time I walk out to put up my new number every night, I have to rest. It kinda hurts. I intend to have it looked at in the off-season."

Apparently, Joe made it to game 900 this past Tuesday because I didn't hear any news of the streak being broken. I have to give it up to the guy for sticking it out this long, but geez man, get yourself to the surgeon as soon as the season ends.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Someone Get Michael Beasley A Red Jersey

In football, the quarterbacks get to practice in a red non-contact jersey to make sure that everyone on defense knows not to injure the guy. Unfortunately, someone on the Miami Heat didn't get the same message, and apparently gave number two overall draft pick Michael Beasley an elbow shot that ended his practice early.

Rookie forward Michael Beasley did not finish his first practice with the Miami Heat summer league team Wednesday after being struck in the chest by a teammate's elbow.

The Heat said Beasley, the No.2 overall pick in last week's NBA draft, was being taken for evaluation and had no further details on the extent of the injury.

Geez. Coach Spoelstra needs to let these guys know that injuring Beasley is a great way to end up with another 15 wins next season.

Fish Killed By Soccer...Ball

Normally, when there's a soccer related death the mind instantly wanders to scenes of balconies collapsing, houligans rioting or players collapsing on the field. Oh, they were flopping? Nevermind that last part then.

Rarely would you ever think about something involving a fish. Well, unless Zidane climbed into the Koi pond and started mercilessly headbutting everything in sight. In this case, there was no assault. Just a single soccer ball and a 6 1/2 foot catfish.

A catfish has apparently choked to death after trying to chow down a soccer ball in the locks of a Bavarian canal.

German police say the 6 1/2-foot-long fish was found dead Monday, floating on the surface of the water with a blue-and-white soccer ball in its mouth.

"He tried to eat the ball and it got stuck," police spokesman Karl-Heinz Kuberlein said Tuesday.

Did the final of the Euro 2008 soccer championship on Sunday - during which Germany lost 1-0 to Spain - have anything to do with it?

"Whether the fish was caught up in soccer ball fever in the aftermath of the European championship and hence snapped at the ball can unfortunately not be determined," police said in a statement.

I especially enjoy that last part. Apparently, we will never know if it was an accident, or whether the fish, so distraught over the German team's loss, committed suicide by swallowing the ball.

On another note, it's a shame that such a fine specimen will never have a chance to get noodled.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where Willie Andrews Pulled His Piece

Patriots defensive back Willie Andrews was busted on Sunday for allegedly pointing a gun to his girlfriend's head. The police showed up at his Connors Avenue apartment in Mansfield, MA, and he was arrested soon after.

Checking out Google Maps(double true!), it looks like there's only one set of apartments on Connors Ave. in Mansfield, MA. It would be The Village at Cedar Heights, and according to they range from $1320 to $1620 per month. Though, with this latest charge Andrews might be getting some new accomodations with bars on the doors.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Trindon Holliday Becomes The 2nd "Fastest Player In College Football"

Well, Trindon Holliday has had a great run(it's puntastic!) as the "Fastest Player in College Football". However, that title now belongs to University of Florida incoming freshman Jeff Demps who ran a national high school record time of 10.01 in the 100m dash quarterfinal on Saturday night.

Holliday ran a 10.09 in his round of the quarterfinals, and eventhough Demps' time wasn't as fast as Holliday's personal best, he did beat him while competing sort of head-to-head. So, right now it seems that Demps has a legit reason for being called the "Fastest Player in Colllege Football". He's slated to suit up as an all-purpose back for the Gators in the fall.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cedric Benson Gets Some New Hardware

Ok, so this happened on Monday, but it's the first that I've heard of it. Former Bears running back, and operator of vehicles while under the influence extraordinaire, Cedric Benson picked up some new hardware on Monday. Exactly what was it?

A Super Bowl replica ring from fellow Texas alum Aaron Ross? No.

A neckbrace signed by the entire Bears defense as a parting shot? No, but that would have been fitting considering their dislike of him.

It's something that he probably could have used before the offseason started.

Give up?

How about an ignition-lock breath tester?

Yes, Benson was ordered to install one because of the multiple DWI charges that he's facing.

If you're penciling in "busts" from the '05 NFL Draft make sure to have Benson up near the top. At least for the moment.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Tebow Adds To Trophy Case

The Heisman is still the big one, but being named the SEC Male Athlete of The Year is pretty damn cool too. Today, Tim Tebow added that award to the trophy case.

Florida Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow was named the Southeastern Conference's Roy F. Kramer Male Athlete of the Year in a vote of the league's athletic directors, the league announced Wednesday.

He was joined in the honor by Tennessee basketball player Candace Parker, voted as the league's Female Athlete of the Year.

"The SEC is very proud to honor Tim and Candace, as they are outstanding examples of what a student-athlete can accomplish, both on and off the field of competition," SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said. "Their hard work and dedication to excellence have made them fine representatives of their universities and this conference. We congratulate them and wish them the best in their future endeavors."

Tebow, the only sophomore to win the Heisman, already owns Gator quarterback records for rushing yards (1,364) and touchdowns (37). In two seasons, he has thrown for 3,644 yards and rushed for another 31 scores. He also was the first quarterback in college football history to pass for 20 touchdowns and run for 20 scores.

It's another achievement that Tebow gets to add to the long list that he's compiled in a relatively short amount of time. Eventhough Tebow can obviously do a lot of things, I would like to know if he can dunk like Candace Parker.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Javon Walker Has No Recollection Of That Wild Ride, Sir

Last week, Broncos' wide receiver Javon Walker was found beaten and unconscious on a street in Las Vegas. No one really knew what happened; though, some of the rumors floating around were pretty "out there"(Cristal wars, Floyd Mayweather thugs, oh my!). Even Walker himself didn't really seem to remember what went done, as was conveyed through his not so in-depth interview with Deadspin):

"I was just back at my room and at about 5:30 in the morning I got a knock at the door. I opened it and 3 guys with guns were there. They cracked me in the head a few times, knocking me unconscious. They then robbed me of everything I had; my watch, money, everything! Somehow they got me to a car and dropped me off in the street. That’s what happened."

That sounds incredibly devious! Those rapscallions assaulted Mr. Walker then drove him from the scene of the crime! Wait, that's not exactly how it happened? Hmm, you don't say. Well, you might not, but Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Clinton Nichols does:
Las Vegas police have made an arrest in the robbery and beating case involving NFL player Javon Walker.

Lt. Clinton Nichols said Tuesday that 30-year-old Arfat Fadel is suspected of multiple felonies including kidnapping and robbery. Police said Fadel was arrested Friday and police were looking for a second suspect.

Nichols said police believe the second man is still in Las Vegas.

He said the 29-year-old Walker got into a vehicle with the two men early June 16 before he was found beaten and unconscious on a side street near the Las Vegas Strip.

That's quite a bit different than the account that Mr. Walker gave. Though, whenever you get your ass kicked you're probably going to want to make it sound as dangerous as you possibly can.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Congrats To The Celtics

Well, that went a little bit different than most had probably visioned. After keeping the first five games of the series close, the Lakers got run out of the gym to the tune of 131-92. Ouch. No amount of zen will be able to ease that asskicking.

While it would be easy to heap most of the praise on Boston's "Big 3", the truth is that it was a total team effort. Rajon Rondo didn't shoot particularly well, but he ended up with 21 points and his defensive intensity frustrated the Lakers all night. James Posey scored 11, including 3-3 from 3pt range. Even Eddie House chipped in with 9 points. Though, without the "Big 3" firing on all cylinders the outcome wouldn't have been nearly the same.

Paul Pierce, the Finals MVP, ended up with a double-double by scoring 17 and dishing 10 assists. Ray Allen scored 26 despite missing much of the 2nd quarter. And KG made up for his "trash" play in Game 5 by scoring 26 and pulling down 14 boards. He also would have maxed out "overcome with emotion" if that were a statistical category. It's great to see these guys get rings, and I'm especially happy for Garnett because I've been a fan of his for quite some time. It's amazing how far things have come since his interview with John Thompson back in 2005.

From this:

To this:

KG was right when he said "in my heart, you can't measure that". Last night we all got to see what was in KG's heart.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Did Rick Dutrow Jr.'s Pride Cost Big Brown The Triple Crown?

Leading up to the Belmont, there were some that believed that Big Brown's impressive victories at The Derby and The Preakness were due in part to his monthly injections of the anabolic steroid Winstrol. Prior to the race, trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. made it known that Big Brown had skipped his monthly injection in May, and would be running the race steroid free. However, according to Florida veterinarian and throroughbred owner, Richard Alker, that could be what ultimately caused the horse to finish last.

Alker is the veterinarian at the Panama City Animal Hospital and Equine Center and a thoroughbred owner. He believes that Big Brown was a healthy horse during the Belmont. He thinks, however, that skipping a scheduled monthly injection of the anabolic steroid Winstrol combined with excessive heat and fatigue produced Big Brown's disappointing finish.

"They took him off of steroids and that caused the problem," Alker said. "If you get a horse used to those for their recovery, the benefits that provides for muscles and the things that steroids do for them, and you take it off of it there is a letdown.

"And even though the horse wasn't on an abusive dose of steroids, it could have still caused an effect that was certainly detrimental to them."

So, could Dutrow's decision, possibly fueled by outspoken critics, really have had that much of an effect? Alker believes so because of the short amount of time in which the decision was made and carried out.
Big Brown's trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. did not give the colt his scheduled monthly dose of Winstrol on May 15, reportedly to quiet critics who said Big Brown couldn't win without steroids. Winstrol, Alker said, helps horses' muscles recover.

Alker said there's typically a six- to eight-week letdown time frame after a horse is taken off steroids. Saturday's race was seven-and-a-half weeks since Big Brown's last injection on April 15.

"If it had been on a year, then off for six, seven months, his body would have been used to not having them," Alker said. "But because he quit them in that time frame there's this kind of letdown then, I think, that's certainly possible it was a mistake."

Obviously, we'll never know just how much skipping that monthly injection hindered Big Brown in his quest for the Triple Crown. However, it had to have played at least some part in his extremely disappointing last place finish. Ironically, the man who was most responsible for putting Big Brown in position to win it all was also the one responsible for making the decision that might have cost him it all.

Gotta Love Fairweather Fans

The above photo was pulled off of the live update page for the FSU vs. Miami CWS game that's in progress.

It's good to see that this kid has all his bases covered so to speak. The Tarheels are a #2 seed in the CWS in case you didn't know. Honestly, it might not be such a big deal if the Seminoles and Tarheels weren't ACC foes. Whatever happened to sticking by your team, win or lose?

Trindon Holliday Finishes 3rd In 100m

Just a quick follow-up to this post. Trindon Holliday placed 3rd in the men's finals of the 100m at the NCAA Track & Field Championships on Friday. He ran a 10.18, and finished behind LSU's Richard Thompson(1st place, 10.12) and Clemson's Travis Padgett(2nd place, 10.16). FSU's Walter Dix finished 4th with a 10.22.

Friday, June 13, 2008

KG's Revenge Has Been Four Years In The Making

That video reminded me of the last time that Garnett made it anywhere close to winning an NBA title. It was the '03-'04 season, and instead of getting bounced in the first round the Timberwolves found themselves matched up against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

Garnett did his best to get the T'Wolves into the NBA Finals, averaging 23 points and 13 rebounds for the series, but Minnesota just couldn't put it together and lost the series 4-2. However, you can bet that he's been relishing this shot at redemption from the moment that he knew he would be facing the Lakers in the Finals. Hopefully, KG remembers some of the scenes from that video, and it motivates him to take over Game 4 and win the ring that he's been chasing his entire career.

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - R.I.P. Tim Russert Edition

Since it's Friday, and the end of the workweek for most people, we think that you should be provided with a post that takes the edge off so to speak. Because it's going to be random and hopefully humorous, that means that it won't always be sports related. It will also pop up at any time on Friday.

Originally, I was going to put up a post regarding "He Got Game" in honor of Ray Allen's play last night. However, due to recent, and very sad, events it's been replaced to honor the memory of Tim Russert. He died today of a heart attack at the age of 58.

I always thought he did a good job hosting "Meet The Press", and his political coverage seemed to be pretty fair(well, as fair as one can be in that arena). Death is never an easy thing to deal with, but when it strikes suddenly at the age of 58 years young it's even harder. My condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

R.I.P. Tim Russert.

Woman Taking "Be Like Mike" A Little Too Far

Michael Jordan may be a lot of things, Hall of Fame basketball player, Nike and Gatorade pitchman, horrible outfielder, but there is one thing he isn't. And that is the father of Lisa Miceli's son. Though, she doesn't agree despite the paternity tests and legal rulings.

A judge has barred a Pennsylvania woman from contacting Michael Jordan, his family or his representatives.

Lisa Miceli says the basketball great fathered her 4-year-old son. The 35-year-old woman was thrown out of court after speaking out several times during a hearing on the request June 4.

Earlier this year, Jordan filed a lawsuit to enforce a 2005 agreement to stay away from him after two DNA tests proved he was not the boy's father.

Jordan's attorneys say Miceli continued to send Jordan hundreds of e-mails and telephone him in spite of that agreement.

Seriously, she sounds a little overzealous, but don't you know that that's how all bloggers are? Wait, you didn't know that she was a blogger? Well, don't worry because I've got the link right here:

It's where you'll find gems like:
MJ NEVER EXPRESSED AN INTEREST IN KELLY WERNER - he called her bowlegs and my horse ended up stolen and then my DNA files....

A stolen horse? Well, that's pretty sad.

And this:
THIS IS WHAT INFURIATES ME THE MOST...... MJ WAS WITH ME AND NOT JUANITA JORDAN... I have no desire to be that woman.... nor look like her or have her thick body..

If that is what MJ likes, this proves that I was raped and he should go to jail.... and never contact me or the child again....

Sounds like a pretty airtight case to me!

And of course this:
His lawyer, Fred Sperling needs to be disbarred.... for fraudulent misrepresentation... does he represent LIVE NATION??? NO - He is not one of their lawyers...

Is he DEREK JETER's lawyer??? NO....

So, then how can he speak for them.... he cannot... MJ IS SPEAKING FOR THEM.. he wants the whole world to ban me for me asking him for a DNA TEST.... MJ flips the script like he is the important one... and he CASUED 9/11 with his mockery of ARAB CULTURE AND BLATANT DISRESPECT OF ME.... and blaming me for the affair.. WHY??? I wanted to be married to a faithful partner.....

M.J. as the cause of 9/11? How could George Tenet ever have missed that?

Oh man, maybe Bissinger was right about this blog stuff.

Nobody F@#ks With The Jesus!

Especially not you Sasha Vujacic!

If Vujacic is "The Machine", then Ray Allen, a.k.a. Jesus Shuttlesworth, must have been "The Ghost" in that machine because on more than one occasion he easily floated by Vujacic on his way to the basket. The biggest one came with less than 30 seconds left in the game when Allen dribbled the ball at the top of the key, his teammates spread the floor and he drove right past Vujacic for an easy layup to push Boston's lead to 6.

Over the next 20 seconds, L.A. didn't score another point, and Boston walked off the court with a 97-90 victory after being down by 20 points at the end of the first quarter. It was an incredible comeback that seemed to get its spark from Ray Allen stealing the ball from Derek Fisher, and then making a layup to cut the lead to just 10 with 2:59 left in the third quarter. From there, Boston outscored L.A. 10-1, and closed out the quarter down by just a single point.

Allen finished the game with 19 points, but maybe more importantly he played all 48 minutes. Eventhough the Celtics got down big in the first half, they were able to have at least one of the "Big 3" on the floor throughout the entire game to keep them pointed in the right direction.

And true to what his character said in "He Got Game", Allen made basketball look like poetry in motion as he crossed over to the left, then came back to the right, had Vujacic fallin' back and made a sweet layup. Allen didn't even have to look at Vujacic and say "what". Millions of Celtics' fans were doing that for him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knowshon Moreno Has Moves And A Sense Of Humor

From Dawg Sports(via EDSBS) comes the tale of Knowshon Moreno, and his investigation into the harmful effects of noise pollution.

It's a good thing that Dr. Moreno was asked forced to put together this wonderful two page document letting us all know just how dangerous loud noises can be. Even if he did find it "time consuming and boring"(but educational!).

At the very least, it shows that Knowshon is just as talented with humor and sarcasm as he is when running the football(...down your favorite team's throat to the tune of 188yds and 3TD's. Yeah, nothing funny about that.).

Trindon Holliday, Yep, He's Still Scary Fast

I've pointed out just how crazy fast LSU's Trindon Holliday is before. Last night, we got another quick reminder that Holliday is still quick.

Walter Dix cruised into the finals Wednesday night in his bid for a third and final NCAA 100-meter title.

The 5-foot-9 Florida State cannonball won his first heat, even though he swiveled his head to watch the opposition in the final 50 meters.

He ran a 10.45 semi to finish second in the heat to LSU's Trindon Holliday's 10.34 and advance to Friday's finals.

Yeah, the guy who was the focus of the article, and is damn fast in his own right, finished second in the heat to Trindon Holliday. Holliday and Dix have battled before in the 100m, and last June Dix ran a 9.92 to Holliday's 10.06 in the NCAA Track and Field Championships. It's going to be interesting to see how these two perform in the finals on Friday.

Do You Want Me To Pass It? No! Do You Want Me To Save Your Homes From Foreclosure? Yes!

It's amazing how far we have come from the "Shaq Diesel" days. Now, instead of dropping rap tracks or thunderous dunks, The Big Aristotle wants to drop some cash to help Orlando homeowners avoid foreclosure. Fortunately, Shaq has been much more successful at real estate investing than he ever was at free throw shooting.

Shaquille O'Neal says he wants to build a legacy -- literally -- in Orlando.

The NBA star said he is working on plans for real-estate-development projects in Orlando, with an eye toward helping those who are facing foreclosure on their homes.

"I want to come in not to kick them out, but to work with them and save them so they can stay in their homes," O'Neal told the Orlando Sentinel during an impromptu stop Tuesday at Orlando City Hall.

Attorney Mark NeJame, who arranged the visit along with longtime friend and Realtor Curtis Cooper, said the star center wants to buy the mortgages of homeowners who have slipped into foreclosure because of high interest rates. He would sell the homes back to those troubled buyers with more affordable terms, hoping to make a small profit.

So the homeowners get better terms, and Shaq effectively becomes their bank? Sounds like a good deal to me! Seriously, if he can help out the economy in Orlando by providing some relief to struggling homeowners, then I'm all for it. Besides, it's apparent that Shaq has a pretty good idea of what he would be getting into.
It wouldn't be O'Neal's first foray into real estate. In 2006, he announced the formation of The O'Neal Group to pursue commercial and residential development. At the time, the new company said O'Neal had amassed a real-estate portfolio valued at $50 million during his time in the NBA.

His ventures range from carwashes and strip malls to a financial stake in Metropolitan Miami, a luxury development under construction in downtown Miami that will include what's billed as the tallest residential tower south of New York.

He is also a partner in the 24 Hour Fitness chain, and there are plans for one of the gyms to anchor part of the SoDo mixed-use development being built south of downtown Orlando.

He's got the experience and the capital to assist with a serious problem that cities all over the country are facing. Hopefully, his plan holds up, and he can implement it in the somewhat near future. Otherwise, Orlando residents might add this to a list that already includes "poor free throw shooting" and "bolted to Los Angeles" as reasons they're not big fans of The Big Cactus.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Craigslist: The Place To Scout Talent For Your UF Themed Party

Craigslist is great for a lot of things. Finding cars, jobs, furniture and now talent for your son's going away to college party.

I need 4 ladies who don't mind wearing body paint for my sons going off to College Party. There will be a University of Florida theme so you will have UF football uniforms professionally airbrushed on your upper body but you will be wearing blue boy shorts. You will be compensated $100 per hour for serving drinks and finger foods plus any tips you receive. I will take care of the rest, your shorts, meals & transportation if needed. If you are interested please contact me at and please include photos that demonstrate your figure so I can determine if you have the right look for the party, thanks.

Haha, amazing. Surprisingly, my "going off to college party" consisted of a dinner out somewhere(probably Olive Garden, molto buon!), a congratulatory card and the not so subtle hinting that I better get my degree in a reasonable amount of time. Honestly, I'm curious to know if the 4 ladies will be airbrushed with real numbers and player names. If so, #15 Tebow will probably be the most popular, but only because Florida doesn't have a #69 on the roster.

If You Have To Break The Rules At Least Be Discreet

"Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing."

And when you've lost repeatedly there's a chance that you'll do anything to become a winner. Including, breaking the rules in a very non-discreet fashion. At least that appears to be what Bradenton Prep did on their way to compiling winning records in football, basketball and tennis.

The report lists 19 violations of FHSAA regulations that led to three years probation for the football, boys basketball and boys tennis programs as well as a $38,000 fine.

Recruiting, allowing players to live with school personnel, accepting students who are under disciplinary sanctions at their former school, is that how you build a winner?

In the case of Bradenton Prep, the answer seems to be yes.

Not long ago the school's athletic program was an afterthought - except for the boys tennis program, which has always been among the best.

Look at it now.

Yes, look at what the school was able to accomplish through various rules violations. Instead of building the programs slowly, the school opted for the fast track approach and did its best to go from worst to first.
The football team won the Class 1B regional title last fall in just its second year of existence and fell one win shy of playing for a state title.

In 2006, one year after losing by nearly 100 points in a district tournament game, the boys basketball team played for the district title and advanced to its first-ever regional tournament with a roster that drew criticism from nearly every school on the schedule.

And how did school officials respond to the criticism and allegations? By calling their accusers jealous, and telling everyone that they were just trying to improve their academic performance of course!
Bradenton Prep officials maintained everything was on the up-and-up - the athletes transferring to Bradenton Prep were doing so purely for the chance at a Bradenton Prep education.

The howls from coaches, administrators and parents at opposing schools suggested otherwise. But it was the position of Bradenton Prep officials that they would rather their school be an academic powerhouse than an athletic powerhouse.

That might very well be the case. But Bradenton Prep, according to the FHSAA, apparently wasn't shy about skirting a number of rules to increase its enrollment if that increase brought in a few athletes.

Those athletes, we have to assume, weren't recruited to ride the bench.

And it wasn't shy about the sudden success of its athletic program, claming the finger-pointing was born out of petty jealousy by schools used to easy victories against the Patriots.

Honestly, if the school had gone about this in a much more covert way I have a feeling that they wouldn't have been busted by the FHSAA. As the article points out "stories of recruiting and other misdeeds by coaches and administrations are not uncommon for any high school, especially private schools". However, you rarely ever hear of any of those allegations being investigated too deeply, and it's even more rare that a school is placed on probation and fined almost $40k. Though, when you flaunt it like Bradenton Prep did you're just asking for trouble.

F@#k It, Let's Go Bowling

Yes, The Dude and Walter Sobchak would most definitely support Disney's newest venture. Well, at least on every day except Shabbos.

And exactly what is Disney's new addition to its Wide World of Sports complex going to be? How about a 100 lane bowling stadium? Yeah, when you're laying down that much wood you get to call it a stadium.

Disney's Wide World of Sports is expanding its strike zone with what could be the biggest bowling stadium in the country.

Planned for 100 lanes, stadium-style seating and a restaurant, the facility would be complete in about 18 months. When not used for tournaments, the stadium would be open to the public, Disney officials said Monday.

"It's big. It will be big for the area," said Ray Turgeon of Winter Springs, a bowler who had heard rumors about the facility and the tournaments it will host. "For a lot of new bowlers who have not bowled in a national tournament, it would be great."

Big is an understatement. The venue is going to be huge. Though, apparently United States Bowling Congress tournaments are the "world's largest participatory sporting event", and Osceola County is hoping that they'll energize the economy with dollars from the visiting bowlers. Hopefully, none of them show up with an empty briefcase, and a sob story about a stolen rug.

Friday, June 06, 2008

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Volvette Edition

Since it's Friday, and the end of the workweek for most people, we think that you should be provided with a post that takes the edge off so to speak. Because it's going to be random and hopefully humorous, that means that it won't always be sports related. It will also pop up at any time on Friday.

When you hear the term "Volvette" you probably don't know what to think. Sure, it sounds a bit girly, and maybe even some visions of pink and purple sedans and wagons pop into your head. However, if you don't think that this thing means serious business, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken. Especially, if you're still doubting it when it pulls up next to you at the stoplight with a rear cargo area full of groceries. That's because it's got a twin turbo LS1 stuffed under the hood, and can cover the quarter mile in less than 12 seconds. It is definitely one badass grocery getter, and would make any car enthusiast will the clock to strike 5 so they can enjoy their commute home basking in that sweet turbo V8 sound.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chris Leak And Kelvin Kight Reunited In The Great White North

With the signing of Chris Leak, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats get to treat their fans to one of the most prolific quarterback and wide receiver tandems in college football history.

Well, not exactly.

Though, Kight was on the receiving end of 27 of Leak's completions for 421 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 2003 season. Welcome to Canada, Chris! Watch out for those wild Argonauts fans!

Something tells me that the CFL is much, much tamer than the SEC.

Hawaii To Get Early Wake Up Call In Gainesville

Based on their performance against another SEC team, Georgia, in their bowl game last season, and the fact that both their coach and starting quarterback from that one loss season are gone. You could say that playing Florida in the season opener will indeed be a wake up call of sorts. However, this one is meant in the most literal sense. The kickoff time for the Gators vs. Warriors game was announced yesterday, and thanks to all of those wacky time zones it will feel like it's 6:30 a.m. to the Hawaii players.

The Gators will host Hawaii at 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 30 to accommodate TV. The game will be televised by Raycom. Their second game, against in-state rival Miami on Sept. 6, will be televised by ESPN with an 8 p.m. start.

The early start in the opener could pose problems for the Warriors, who will have to adjust to what will equate to a 6:30 a.m. kickoff for players and coaches making the 4,700-mile trip.

6:30? In the morning? Don't the schedulers know that the only reason college kids would be up that early is because they're still partying from the night before? Pack your alarm clocks and beerbongs Mai-Tai's(it is Hawaii), kids. It's going to be a long trip.

Oh, and thanks for another 12:30 p.m. kickoff. At that time of day in late August in Gainesville it should be just slightly cooler than the surface of the sun.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

College Basketball Programs Need New Rulers

It's always interesting to see just how wrong college athletics programs are when it comes to player measurements. Somehow, it's become quite a guessing game. One that usually isn't figured out until the player has left the program, and is getting sized up by pro teams. The latest round of clearing up some misinformation comes from the results of last week's NBA Pre-Draft Camp. Currently, Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose are regarded as the top two picks. And how did they stack up against their official college numbers?

Michael Beasley, listed as 6'10". Measured at 6'7" w/o shoes and 6'8-1/4" in shoes.

Derrick Rose, listed as 6'3". Measured at 6'1-1/2" w/o shoes and 6'2-1/2" in shoes.

I doubt that anyone really cares how tall these guys are without shoes, but that 1-3/4" discrepancy for Beasley is rather large. At least Rose was within 1/2" of his measurement.

So, is it that the athletic departments just don't care that much about the accuracy of the heights listed for the players? Or, do they think they're gaining some type of psychological edge by inflating the numbers? This isn't something new either, as we always hear about players not stacking up to what their college measurements had them listed as.

Increasing Fuel Prices Causing Increase In Ticket Prices

This post goes hand in hand with the one that I posted about recreational racers, and the pinch they're feeling as they try to continue participating in a hobby that requires a lot of fuel. Only this time, the cost of fuel is trickling down and affecting the fans.

Many people probably don't realize how much minor league teams travel. It's not always hundreds of thousands of miles, but it does add up during the season. And when the price of fuel has increased like it has, that cost has to be covered somehow. Oftentimes, it's done by increasing ticket prices, which means that fans are feeling the effects on the way to the game and when they arrive.

Firecats tickets started at $12 or $15 in 2003. Today, they start at $17.50 or $25.
Everblades ticket prices will rise by $1 from last season, ranging from $12 to $34 for rink-side seats. In 2001, Everblades tickets ranged from $8 to $17.

Miracle tickets have risen from $3 and $5 to $5 and $7 since 2001.

However, the rise in fuel prices can also benefit the teams. Instead of having to increase ticket prices, some teams are using larger attendance numbers to offset the increasing costs. That's happening because people are searching out local events instead of driving out of their immediate area.
But the rising cost of gas might actually help the minor-league teams in terms of attendance, Gliner said.

“As we get into the summer time, people who might go away for vacations might not be doing that right now,” said Gliner, who noted a 20 percent rise in attendance this season from the last. “They’ll be looking for things to do locally.

“If we can continue to work hard on our end and keep the sponsors coming back, we can stay affordable.”

Overall, it appears that teams are doing their best to keep ticket prices from increasing. Hopefully, increased attendance and creative sponsorship deals can allow them to offer fans an affordable entertainment option.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Please Don't Stare At The Disabled Olympians

As if Olympics organizers didn't have enough problems with the Tibetan protests and air pollution and such. It appears that someone didn't thoroughly proofread the volunteer guide to make sure that it didn't contain anything offensive. Instead, it left the printer with some colorful remarks regarding disabled athletes and spectators. Things like:

A section dedicated to the disabled said that "paralympic athletes and disabled spectators are a special group. They have unique personalities and ways of thinking."

To handle the "Optically Disabled," the guide said: "Often the optically disabled are introverted. They have deep and implicit feelings and seldom show strong emotions. ... Remember, when you communicate with optically disabled people, try not to use the world 'blind' when you meet for the first time."

On the "Physically Disabled," the guide said: "Physically disabled people are often mentally healthy. They show no differences in sensation, reaction, memorization and thinking mechanisms from other people, but they might have unusual personalities because of disfigurement and disability.

"For example, some physically disabled are isolated, unsocial and introspective; they usually do not volunteer to contact people. They can be stubborn and controlling; they may be sensitive and struggle with trust issues. Sometimes they are overly protective of themselves, especially when they are called 'crippled' or 'paralyzed.'"

And of course, wonderful advice about how not to joke with the disabled athletes:
The guide said volunteers should "not fuss or show unusual curiosity, and never stare at their disfigurement." It also advised volunteer to steer away from words like "cripple or lame, even if you are just joking."

Ah, the Olympics in Beijing. Who knew they would be so screwed up, yet entertaining.

R.I.P. Bo Diddley

Accomplished musician Bo Diddley passed away today at the age of 79.

For a number of people my age their first experience with Bo Diddley came via a Nike commercial. It featured Diddley, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky and a number of other athletes. Including, Jim "My name's not Chris" Everett telling us that Bo knows football! Even to this day, it's one of the coolest commercials that Nike has ever produced.

I can only imagine how many times the phrase "you don't know Diddley" was used throughout the '90's.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Jeff Conine Trades Glove For Running Shoes, Freestyle Stroke and Bicycle

If you've been wondering what former Major Leaguer Jeff Conine has been up to since retiring, then this post is for you! If you haven't, well I'm not sure how you ended up here but there are a variety of other topics for you to peruse. Pick one, and enjoy your stay.

After retiring in March, Conine decided to pursue something much less intense and a lot more relaxing. You know, something like a triathalon.

When Jeff Conine retired in March after a 17-year career in Major League Baseball, his athletic pursuits did not end.

They just took a different turn, which will lead Conine, 41, to the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship triathlon on Oct. 11 in Hawaii.

"My goal is to cross the line in Kona under my own power," Conine said. "It's a lifetime achievement right there and I'll probably do some small [triathlons] after that, but that's going to be the feather and the cap right there."

In preparation for the Ironman's 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run, Conine competed in the St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg last month and the Ford Ironman 70.3 Florida at Walt Disney World this past weekend.

Conine has always been a versatile athlete. It's what made him so successful as a Major League ballplayer. It's also why there's a good chance of him achieving his goal of crossing that finish line under his own power.

Keith Brumbaugh, Getting Closer To The NBA Everyday

I've covered the saga of Keith Brumbaugh on quite a few occasions. When that first post was written, almost two years ago, it seemed that Brumbaugh had become another talented basketball player that couldn't stay out of trouble off of the court. However, since that arrest he's gotten his life back on track, tallied good numbers while playing for Hillsborough Community College and declared for the NBA Draft. On Wednesday night he took another big step forward by participating in the NBA Pre-Draft Camp, and putting in a good showing.

This is the week Brumbaugh has been waiting for, the week he was supposed to have three years ago, when he was a can't-miss high school senior out of DeLand hoping to show pro scouts and general managers how much talent he had in his 6-foot-9 inch body.

The four-day 2008 NBA Pre-Draft Camp is going on here at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex, and Brumbaugh is finally getting his chance to go up against top talent.

Wednesday night, he looked terrific in his first game at the camp, hitting three of four shots and grabbing four rebounds in his 14 minutes of action.

Yes, Brumbaugh has made some mistakes, and some people will probably always hold those against him. However, there is something powerful about seeing someone make the most out of a second chance, and it appears that Brumbaugh is doing just that.
What stood out most was the happy-go-lucky, self-deprecating man who looked like he was having more fun than anybody else in the gym. Gone seems to be the truculent, scowling kid who was in trouble with the law for much of 2005-2007.

This Keith Brumbaugh couldn't be happier to be getting another chance.

"I mean, I look around here and I'm just so happy to be doing anything that's associated with the NBA, like playing in this camp," he said Wednesday night, smiling and laughing his way through a 20-minute interview. "Whether I make the NBA or not, I'm not worried about it. I just feel so lucky to be here with these great players, and get a chance to play."

Currently, he's projected as a second round pick, and is supposedly getting some serious looks from the San Antonio Spurs. Getting drafted, after everything he put himself through, would be a great accomplishment for Brumbaugh. Hopefully he makes the most of this opportunity, and can go on to become the player many people thought he would when he was selected as Florida's Mr. Basketball in 2005.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rooting For "The Big Ticket"

I've always been a fan of Kevin Garnett. During his years in Minnesota, I saw him as an extremely talented player that never had a great ensemble cast. He was asked to do a lot, and seemingly left everything he had out on the court every night. Over time, it appeared that he would become another great player that never won a championship. However, when he was traded to Boston the prospects for that improved, and now here he is just one win away from his first NBA Finals appearance. Though, it's taken him 13 seasons to reach this point. However, in that time he has racked up some impressive statistics.

Garnett's been selected as an All-Star for 11 out of his 13 seasons. The only two seasons where he wasn't chosen as an All-Star were '95-'96, his rookie year, and '98-'99, when there was no All-Star game due to the lockout.

He was selected as the League MVP in '03-'04.

He's been ranked in the top 10 in defensive rebounds over the past 10 seasons, and is currently second among active players and eighth among all NBA players.

He's also been ranked in the top 10 in total rebounds over the past 10 seasons, and is currently third among active players and 25th among all NBA players.

He lead the league in total points during his MVP season in '03-'04, and is ranked fourth among active players with 20,378 points. That total is good enough to have him ranked 31st among all NBA players.

Garnett is currently eighth among active players with 1,665 blocks, and is ranked 23rd among career NBA players.

He's also averaged 49.4% shooting from the field, 78.1% from the free throw line and 37.9 minutes per game for his career.

All in all, Garnett has put up solid numbers year in and year out. Unfortunately, the biggest areas that are lacking are playoff games played, 66 as of right now, and championships, 0 as this entry is being posted. For comparison, one of Garnett's opponents in the Eastern Conference Finals, Tayshaun Prince, has tallied 113 playoff games and an NBA Championship in just 6 years. Hopefully, Garnett can pull even in the title category over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An SEC Network? Yes please!

College football spring meetings aren't always the most exciting events, though they can help bridge the void between spring practice and summer workouts. This year's SEC meetings, however have provided fans of the conference with something to think about regarding television coverage. That's right, they might be able to enjoy their very own TV network.

The league's contracts with its network partners expire in the next year, prompting SEC leadership to start preliminary negotiations as to whether to extend those deals or create a new plan for SEC sports on television.

"All that stuff is very much on the table right now," UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley said. "Where it stands, how viable it is, time will tell."

League officials continue to study the feasibility of an SEC Network, which could launch as soon as the fall of 2009. The channel could be modeled upon similar endeavors by the NFL, the Big Ten and the Mountain West Conference.

Raycom Sports executive producer Jimmy Rayburn said Tuesday he expects the league to decide on a channel by the end of this calendar year. Regardless of that decision, Rayburn said he expects the SEC to maintain working deals with major national networks, likely CBS and ESPN. If an SEC Network becomes reality, Raycom could help produce and distribute games, as it does now for the league.

Obviously, making the decision on having the channel at all is a big first step, but that would surely be followed with lengthy discussions on how it's going to be carried. So far, the Big 10 Network hasn't had the easiest time with respect to carriage rights. Though, the SEC is probably a more widely popular conference, and would likely have an easier time being priced reasonably on a variety of broadcast companies' tiers. Or maybe the Big 10 has had a problem because their commissioner, Jim Delaney, is a jerk. Whatever the case may be, having a network fully devoted to SEC sports would be an awesome thing. Though, the cost of replacing TV's because of the channel's awesomeness destroying them could get up there.

SEC Network set to launch in 3...2...1...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recreational Racers Feeling The Effects Of Higher Fuel Prices

At the present time, most of us are feeling the effects of higher fuel prices. Whether you're driving an economical four-banger, or a gas addicted SUV chances are you're paying more per fill-up than you did even a few months ago. However, some of us get hit twice, or more, because of the hobbies we enjoy. Such is the case with the people who engage in the various types of autoracing. Oftentimes, they use race fuel which at some tracks has moved up to $10 per gallon.

With the Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, many folks will be heading to local lakes and rivers.

The good news: Gas prices at various marinas are not that far out of step from what motorists pay at the pump. But if your hobby is car racing, that's a different story.

Weekend racers have to take a heavy gulp before they fill up these days, WLKY television in Louisville, Ky., reported.

Sunoco racing fuel at the Salem Speedway costs an eye-popping $7.75 a gallon.

"We've seen a pretty dramatic increase ourselves. Just in the last week we saw a 40-cent increase from our supplier," said Aaron Baum of Baum Racing Supply. "But we're still a reasonable priced gas compared to other race tracks across the country. We're seeing upwards of $10 at some race tracks."

The double hit comes when the racers trailer the car to track because they're paying to get it there and back, and also to run it at the event. Eventhough the prices seem high, they've increased in line with the way regular fuel has for the most part. Five years ago those same racers were probably paying between $3-$4 per gallon for race fuel, and $1.60-$2.00 for non-race gas. And to think that racing used to be considered an expensive hobby. Now it's become an extravagant one.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Every NBA Fan Should Be Rooting For The Hornets Over The Spurs

I'm not the biggest fan of NBA basketball. For the most part, I find it tedious to watch and not all that exciting. To me, college basketball is a lot more entertaining. However, I usually try to catch some of the NBA playoffs and the Finals. That is, if they're worth watching. Last year's was somewhat worth it to me because of LeBron, but this year's won't be if the Spurs make a repeat trip.

Don't get me wrong, the Spurs are a good team. They're seemingly a "nice" team. If you wanted your kid to idolize an athlete(and who doesn't?!?), the Spurs have a few on their roster. However, they are boring as hell to watch. Sure, they're fundamentally sound. Bring the ball over halfcourt, set up the offense, pass it into Duncan. Either he shoots it, or kicks it out to someone else for a jumpshot. They run it like clockwork on just about every trip down the floor. And you know what? It bores me to death. I actually feel like I have to work to watch them play a basketball game. And sports are supposed to be an enjoyable distraction. Not another job. Fortunately, there is still hope for this year's NBA Finals. It comes in the form of the New Orleans Hornets.

Granted, if they make the Finals we're going to hear a billion stories about the rebuilding of New Orleans, and how the basketball team's success is such an inspiration. Yes, it would be a great thing for the city, though I'm sure there are quite a few other people in New Orleans that inspire just as much, if not more, and they never get any media coverage. But I would welcome those stories if it meant that I got to see Chris Paul, David West and their teammates running the floor instead of Parker, Duncan, Ginobli, etc. setting up their vanilla offense over and over again. Boring.

Seriously, if NBA fans thought last year's TV ratings for the Finals were low, all they will have to do is wait for this year's matchup to feature San Antonio and a team other than the Celtics(Garnett in the Finals will draw viewers). It's no secret that the NBA struggles in TV viewership when compared with the NFL. And another "boring" NBA Finals featuring the San Antonio Spurs isn't going to help. So, if you really want the league to put out the most exciting, watchable product you'll be rooting for the New Orleans Hornets on Monday night.