Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wait Is Over, It's Time To Rock 'n Roll

Yes, it's been a long seven months. Yes, it's seemed more like seven years. And hell yes, college football kicks off tonight!

You get 14 games to start the season, and each one should be devoured in its own special way because you, my friends, are hungry beasts.

So head to your favorite bar, and let them know you're still alive eventhough you haven't been there in almost 28 weeks, or post up on the couch and watch from the comfort of your home. It doesn't really matter. Just soak it all in because the 2008 season will be gone before you know it.
And to rock us into the start of this season, I bring you the musical stylings of Muse and their song "Knights of Cydonia". I could draw comparisons to the lyrics or talk about the Cydonia region on Mars, but really it's posted because the track fucking rocks and the video makes me laugh. And really, that's all college football is about. Making us feel good.

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