Monday, October 02, 2006

The New NCAA Clock Rule: Less Plays, More Gambling!

During the offseason, the NCAA enacted a new rule regarding the playclock, and many college coaches weren't exactly pleased with it.

After the Ohio State versus Texas game, Texas coach Mack brown made his displeasure known. Regarding the new rule Brown said, "They scored with six minutes left and the game was over before we had a chance to do anything. I really hope whoever made these changes will go back and look them over."

Florida coach Urban Meyer has also voiced concern about the new rule, "I'm very concerned with the direction of college football. I'm not sure what's the intent [of the rule]. I'm going to really get involved in that in the offseason. I did a bad job as head football coach at a premier place to not be more vocal."

While some coaches and fans may hate the new rule, there is a group that has benefitted. Bookies.

Since games are running shorter, with early games often finishing before the late games, bettors are taking their winnings from the early games and using them to bet on the late games.

Bodog Sportsbook estimates that "10-20 percent" of their morning payouts get re-bet, and that even a small percentage of reinvestment "will create a ton of growth(for us) over the course of the season."

Another aspect adding to the increased winning for bookmakers is that a large portion of bettors are still taking the over. Due to the shortened games, less points are being scored and the under is hitting more often.

While the NCAA thought the new rule would benefit the game and fans, it seems that right now bookies are the ones loving it the most.

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