Wednesday, October 25, 2006

These ESPN MLB "Experts" Probably Thought ESPN Mobile Was a Great Idea Too!

Sometimes it's fun to go back and see how various "experts" picked teams to perform during their season. Other times, it's depressing. In this case, I think it's extremely humorous because A)The men picking the teams have been deemed "experts" by ESPN, the overlord of broadcast sports and B)Their picks weren't even for the entire season, they were only for the playoffs. So click on that picture and study it, check out this link, and you'll begin to realize why a number of people have stopped getting their sports information from the "Worldwide Leader in Sports". If after all that, you're still in denial about ESPN's "experts" picks here are a few things to consider:

Out of the 19 "experts" none of them picked the Tigers to beat the Yankees in the ALDS. However, six of them picked the Yankees to win it all.

Only one, Enrique Rojas, picked the Cardinals to advance to the NLCS. Though he picked them to lose to the Mets.

Rob Neyer, picked the Dodgers to win it all and J.D. Drew to be the MVP. In three postseason games this year, Drew batted .154 with 0HR's and 0RBI's.

The combined postseason record of the five(Yankees, Twins, Dodgers, Mets, Athletics) different teams picked to win the World Series? 10-17, and three of those teams were swept at some point.

Maybe they should have let the football crew throw in their picks, though I suspect that Michael Irvin would have chosen the Texas Rangers and Tom Jackson would have called him a retard. Again.

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