Friday, November 10, 2006

100 Loogies! Do I hear 125?

While PacMan Jones run-ins with the law have seemingly just started in recent months, it was way back in April that many of us got our first "dose" of him.

Back then, PacMan chomped his way into the headlines by melting down in front of TV news cameras when asked about his connection to the central figure in a Nashville drug bust. The fact that one of the cars seized had "Pac-Man" embroidered in the headrests, and that the primary target in the investigation, Darryl Jerome Moore, was identified as an acquaintance of PacMan's made the connection that much more intriguing.

Since then though, there haven't been any updates regarding PacMan's ties to the case other than supposedly he loaned it to someone to use in a music video and forgot about it. That was, until yesterday when the Cadillac XLR in question went up for auction by the city of Nashville.

The Caddy comes with matching spinners, though there might be quite a process to get it licensed and insured as the auction site states: "No Title will be given to the winning bidder by the Metropolitan Government/Nashville. An affidavit, court order, or sales under special conditions will be issued to title this vehicle."

Still, it's not everyday that you can own a special piece of "history" like this. However, I don't see anything about the passenger seat spitguard option being included.

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