Monday, October 18, 2010

In All Kinds of Weather...

...We'll all stick together. For F-L-O-R-I-D-A.

I'm not sure this season is exactly what the composer had in mind, but hopefully we can all stick together and make it through this perfect storm of ineptitude that's hit.

There's a lot of noise in the machine right now calling for various changes. Some want Addazio fired. Others just want him to go back to being strictly an offensive line coach. And still others want Brantley benched in favor of Trey Burton. Three straight losses, two at home, will cause that sort of loud displeasure when the fanbase is used to the success that occurred over the past 5 seasons. So, what moves can be made to get the Gators pointed in the right direction?

First, I can't place any blame on John Brantley for how the offense has performed up to this point. He's being asked to run a system that doesn't fit his abilities, his receivers have dropped passes(*cough*Deonte Thompson*cough*) and at times it looks like there's confusion with the plays being relayed in from the sidelines. Too often during the game against Mississippi State it looked like Brantley either didn't know or didn't like the play being called. Also, I would ask Addazio and Meyer to watch these highlights of Brantley in high school. Remember this kid, guys? You recruited him to play quarterback at the University of Florida. Do you see him running the spread option?

Second, I agree that a change in playcallers is necessary. Not only is the offense as a whole underperforming with Addazio as the offensive coordinator, but the play along the offensive line has deteriorated as well. Both of those are his responsibility, and as of right now neither has looked very good. The only problem with making a change is that I'm not sure Addazio would accept a demotion, and there's a good chance Florida could be looking to fill both of those holes immediately if they asked him to step down as OC. Though, if some type of change isn't made regarding those two areas the offense will continue to sputter throughout this season and probably in 2011.

Lastly, in some ways this does feel worse than the Ron Zook era. I'm certainly not saying that Urban Meyer and Ron Zook are on the same level, but at some point you knew what you were getting with Ron Zook. There was a ceiling that those teams would hit, and never be able to rise above. However, with Meyer it's always seemed like he has an answer for every loss, and that he truly can correct the issues causing a lack of success. Yet, this is the first time in five years that he doesn't seem to have the answer, or maybe he realizes the tough decision that has to be made but is unable to make it.

Unfortunately, if he can't or won't make those changes soon no amount of foul weather gear will protect UF football fans from the type of storm that's brewing on the horizon.

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