Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Signature Pharmacy Steroid Probe Goes Deeper

Yesterday, federal officials raided a pharmacy in Orlando, FL in connection with an investigation into the illegal distribution of steroids.

The first professional athlete tied to the investigation was Gary Matthews Jr., outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels. Since then, more ties to athletes have surfaced.

*Richard A. Rydze, a physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers, purchased roughly $150,000 worth of steroids and HGH in 2006. Currently, there are no allegations that he broke any laws, and he's claiming that he bought them for his private patients.

*Allegedly, authorities have a Philadelphia Eagles player on tape entering the facility while they were conducting surveillance.

Also, one of the founders, Naomi Loomis, "attended The Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy and graduated with honors in 1995". Officials involved with the case have stated that college athletes were involved with Signature Pharmacy, though no OSU players have been mentioned at this point.

Stay tuned because I have a feeling that more and more athletes are going to be named in the coming weeks.

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