Friday, March 07, 2008

At Least He's Not Collecting Social Security

At a time when you've got two head coaches at prestigious universities who are way past 62, and battling it out to see who retires first, tt's nice to see that there's youth out there that wants to be involved. Though, it would probably help if he had already gone through puberty and could actually drive himself to the stadium. However, that didn't stop 12-year-old Joshua Irizarry from throwing his name into the proverbial hat when West Virginia was looking for a replacement for Rich Rodriguez.

He's only 12, he doesn't have a car and he lives nearly 500 miles from campus. But Joshua Irizarry's heartfelt plea and willingness to work around obstacles got him a brief consideration for the gig as head football coach at West Virginia University.

Insisting it was "a completely serious offer," the Connecticut boy outlined his skills in a letter to WVU President Mike Garrison when the job opened up in December. They included "making up new plays to fool defenses in local sandlot games."

And he showed a knack for public relations: "Consider the publicity your campus would receive," he wrote. "I understand this would be a move more suited for a team like Temple, but I am just asking for your consideration.

"Don't think of this as hiring a 12-year-old kid from a nowhere town, but think of this as hiring a dedicated football mind trying to help a team," he pleaded. "I would work for any conditions you would wish to provide."

Any work conditions? Ah, to be young and naive again. With statements like that he'll be handing out water cups and washing jock straps for a cellar dwelling division 3 team in no time! Though, it is pretty humorous that even a 12-year-old understands just how bad Temple sucks. It's funny 'cause it's true!

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