Friday, March 07, 2008

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Mustache Edition

Since it's Friday, and the end of the workweek for most people, we think that you should be provided with a post that takes the edge off so to speak. Because it's going to be random and hopefully humorous, that means that it won't always be sports related. It will also pop up at any time on Friday.

This week's post is focused squarely on the awesomeness that replaced my beard last night. I put together a decent beard over the past two months, but last night I decided that it was time for it to go. However, I didn't want all of my hard work to go to waste, so I carved it into something totally ridiculous, yet incredibly incredible. I'm pretty sure that I've never posted a pic of myself on this blog before, but this is just too good to pass up. Hopefully it brings some humor to your Friday afternoon, and helps you kick off your weekend.

Yes, the Ray-Bans do make me look Super Troopers-esque. And yes, this clip has already come to mind.

Who wants a mustache ride?

Happy Friday!

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