Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Hair Length Rule? It Really Could Become The No Fun League

I have no idea why the Kansas City Chiefs care about this issue, but for some reason they do. Apparently, someone in the organization is concerned enough with the hair length of NFL players that they've proposed a rule requiring them to tuck it up inside their helmet.

Troy Polamalu might not have to worry about getting tackled again by his hair. At their meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., next week, NFL owners will consider a proposal to ban players from having hair flow from their helmets below their names on the back of their jerseys.

That might affect Polamalu's image, but help him on the field. Two seasons ago, the Pittsburgh safety with the long ponytail had his hair grabbed by Kansas City's Larry Johnson and was thrown to the turf after an interception against the Chiefs.

The rule banning long hair on the field was proposed by Kansas City. It does not require players to get haircuts, but does "require them to tuck it up inside their helmets," said Atlanta president Rich McKay, chairman of the league's competition committee.

Seriously? What the hell? It's not like having long hair gives the player an advantage. In fact, it puts them at a disadvantage because it gives their opponent one more thing to tackle them by. Personally, I don't see a problem with Polamalu or Mike McKenzie having hair sticking out of their helmet. It just adds to their personality on the field, and provides a little more entertainment for the fans. Someone might want to tell the Chiefs to lighten up a bit.

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