Saturday, August 12, 2006

Joe Schad, A Deer in the Headlights

Granted, without video this isn't quite as funny. However, I'm trying to track it down for proper hilarious placement on YouTube.

During his segment on this morning's Sportscenter episode Joe Schad had a little trouble. At one point he addressed recent comparisons between Ohio State's Troy Smith and former Texas Longhorn Vince Young. He said that Troy Smith asked those making the comparisons whether Vince Young had lost nine starters on defense. Schad then went on to say that Smith wanted to be compared to(and this is where the comedy began) other QB's. It went something like this:

"Smith said he wanted to be compared to Steve McNair, that he had talked to McNair about his toughness. That he wanted to be compared to...uh...(awkward smile because he realizes he can't remember any of the other QB's)...uh..compared to Michael Vick, and McNabb...and...uh...Peyton Manning(Manning? Really?)..."

Then he went on to discuss another college team(I missed who it was because I had started scrambling for something to record with), and how one of their linemen was losing weight due to cutting back on chalupas.

If anyone has the video please shoot me a link because it's classic.

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