Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Maurice Clarett Fitted For Some Shiny New Bracelets

Maurice Clarett, a guy who seemed to at one point have a decently successful future ahead of him, was arrested again last night.

Apparently, he lead police on an interstate chase in Columbus, Ohio, and when they finally pulled him over they discovered four loaded guns and a hatchet. No reports on whether any stolen cell phones were recovered.

Also, the police tried to use a taser on Clarett, but the bulletproof vest he was wearing made it ineffective. Instead they resorted to spraying him down with good 'ole mace. Seriously, think about it for a minute. Maurice Clarett, the former Fiesta Bowl star was just arrested wearing a bulletproof vest with four loaded guns in his car, after a police chase.

Part of me wants him to be held responsible for his actions, but another part of me hopes he gets released so we can see what he does next. I'm thinking that selling bulletproof vests to Marvin Lewis could be a profitable venture.

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