Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Workplace Relationships Will Be Tolerated At Evernham Racing!(allegedly)

Apparently, the big rumor in NASCAR these days is that Ray Evernham(currently in divorce proceedings with his wife of 19 years) and Erin Crocker, one of Evernham's drivers, have more than just an employer/employee relationship. The possibility of this relationship existing came to light when Jeremy Mayfield(a former driver for Evernham Racing) and Evernham went to court to settle some differences. Evernham claimed that Mayfield had deliberately wrecked his car at Indianapolis, and Mayfield claimed that the team had been suffering because of Evernham's "not so professional" relationship with Crocker.

The website, Tall Glass of Milk, says that it "can confirm that the Evernham Motorsports owner and his female driver Erin Crocker have an intimate relationship beyond that of owner/driver. Their relationship evolved late last season and they "came out" this year in Texas."

Hmmm, now about Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon...

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