Friday, September 01, 2006

Show Me The Money! Forbes Ranks Most Valuable NFL Franchises

Yesterday, Forbes released their annual ranking of the NFL franchises based on their value. At the top, for the seventh straight year, was the Daniel Redskins. Forbes valued them at $1.423 billion, though Daniel Snyder had a few extra million in his pockets that probably weren't included.

Rounding out the top five were: the New England Patriots($1.176 billion), Dallas Cowboys($1.173 billion, somewhere Jerry Jones is weeping), Houston Texans($1.043 billion, obviously money doesn't always equal success), and Philadelphia Eagles($1.024 billion).

The article stated that the New York Yankees($1.026 billion) would rank fifth among the NFL franchises.

Also, in last place were the Minnesota Vikings($720 million), but they would rank second among the MLB teams.

The article brings up some good points. First, damn there is a lot of money floating around the NFL. The Vikings are the least valuable NFL franchise, but would rank second, behind only the Yankees, in the MLB. That's a good indicator of just how popular the NFL has become.

Second, I know a number of people hate the Yankees because of their wealth. Obviously the NFL is a bit different due to the salary cap issue(no, the luxury tax does NOT compare), but I'm surprised there isn't more animosity towards the Redskins just because they're rich. I have a feeling that success is a large part of it as well.

Third, how the heck did the Texans become so valuable, and how have they not had more success? Seriously, it must be a case of having money, and having no idea what to do with it(insert Reggie Bush comment here___).

Fourth, two of the five most valuable franchises have been among the most successful over the past five years. The Patriots and Eagles even faced off in Super Bowl XXIX. Both are a testament to what can be accomplished with money and the right personnel(T.O.? Who's that?).

Surprisingly, one of the more successful franchises in recent history, the Indianapolis Colts, were ranked 22nd. Maybe it's lack of cash that's prohibiting Peyton from winning playoff games.

Oh, and in case this gets linked on Deadspin, the Buzzsaw ranked 24th(my team, the Dolphins, were 12th). Congrats Will, they're not deadass last!

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