Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hasselbeck Has Been Outted!

Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports(he formerly worked for the Miami Herald and has done a good job on the Reggie Bush "scandal") writes a column each week where he asks an NFL player how they spend their one day off per week. This week we get Matt Hasselbeck, and have a chance to see what one of the NFL's starting QB's is like. Though, a different headline might have been appropriate in light of the information Mr. Hasselbeck shared towards the end of the article.

Apparently, Hasselbeck and Seahawk's kicker, Josh Brown, attended a Carrie Underwood concert together. They ended up backstage, and from Cole's article it appears that Brown may have hit on Underwood. Or at the very least, exchanged phone numbers with her to perhaps discuss pedicure tips. He is a kicker after all. Which makes the whole incident even more curious. Since when do kickers and starting QB's hangout together? And what guy goes to a Carrie Underwood concert, with another guy nonetheless?

It all seems a that there's anything wrong with that.

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Lockedown said...

The Seahawk's chances to win a superbowl with Hasselbeck at the helm is a long shot after reading that story.