Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jay Gibbons REALLY Wants Taller Screens

Jay Gibbons, outfielder and DH for the Baltimore Orioles, has taken it upon himself to make Oriole Park a safer place. Apparently, he's believed for some time that the 20-foot tall screen behind homeplate wasn't adequate enough. He wanted the Orioles to make it taller, or add an overhead extension. During Saturday's game against Minnesota, Gibbons finally decided to prove his point. By fouling a pitch over the screen and into his wife's ribcage.

No serious damage was done, as Gibbons stated "She's just a little bruised up. She's going to be OK." Though, as the torchbearer for a new screen system Gibbons was still promoting his cause, "It's something you think about every day here. Obviously, it's something I've talked about (to) deaf ears. I've got players coming to me every day saying that one of their family members got hit or almost got hit. I had an usher take one for my wife the other day."

Well where was that damn usher on Saturday? And how much do you think Kris Benson would pay for someone to send a foulball in his wife's direction?

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