Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tiger Woods Does Not Appreciate Your Pornographic Claims

Yesterday, Tiger Woods made it known that he didn't find anything funny about a magazine and tabloid's claims that his wife was an American golfer's wife "who cannot keep her clothes on in public". The magazine issued a statement that their article was supposed to be satirical humor, but using known fake pictures and claiming that someone's wife "can be found in a variety of sweaty poses on porn sites" isn't always the funniest joke. The magazine and tabloid might want to be a bit scared when Tiger Woods starts talking lawsuits because I'm pretty sure that he himself has more money than any Irish publishing company. Also, he throws a pretty mean fist pump.

One thing that's been overlooked though is what the rest of the wives of the American Ryder Cup team look like. Surely Tiger Woods' wife isn't the only hottie that the international community has an interest in seeing disrobe. So, here's the list of Ryder Cup golfers. Do some searching, and see who else has a good looking wife(I'm pretty sure Campbell and Mickelson do). After all, isn't that why the Internet was created?

Chad Campbell
Stewart Cink
Chris DiMarco
Jim Furyk
J.J. Henry
Zach Johnson
Phil Mickelson
Vaughn Taylor
David Toms
Scott Verplank
Brett Wetterich
Tiger Woods

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