Friday, September 08, 2006

History Does Not Bode Well For The '06 Dolphins...Well Sort Of...

This isn't so much of an examination of the gameplay, as it is one of past results. Let's face it, the O-line was a question mark heading into the game, and still was at the conclusion. Having Bennie Anderson and Vernon Carey anchoring the right side means that there will be some suspect protection and run blocking. The secondary was another problem area, though had the DB's not made two costly penalties the game would have been a bit closer. Not having starting RCB, Travis Daniels, also hurt a bit. Anyway, this post isn't about the mechanics of the game, but what the loss could tell us about the rest of the season.

First, the season opener has been played on a Thursday only four times, five if you include last night's. It started in 2002 with the San Francisco 49'ers traveling to New York to play the Giants. San Francisco won the game, which is unique because they're the only road team to have won a Thursday night season opener. Since then the road teams have suffered four straight losses('03-NY Jets, '04-Colts, '05-Raiders, '06-Dolphins). Those numbers make the Miami loss a bit more bearable for Dolphins fans. It's almost as if they were playing against history.

The other set of numbers isn't quite as favorable. Over the past 10 years the eventual Super Bowl champions have gone 7-3 in their respective season openers. Regardless of where they were playing the game the team that won the Super Bowl won the first game of their season 70% of the time. Most Miami fans would probably be happy with an improvement upon the 9-7 record from last year and a playoff spot. However, I know some people have tossed Miami's name into the hat as a potential Super Bowl contender. Unfortunately, if history holds true, then Miami's chances are probably pretty slim.

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