Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recreational Racers Feeling The Effects Of Higher Fuel Prices

At the present time, most of us are feeling the effects of higher fuel prices. Whether you're driving an economical four-banger, or a gas addicted SUV chances are you're paying more per fill-up than you did even a few months ago. However, some of us get hit twice, or more, because of the hobbies we enjoy. Such is the case with the people who engage in the various types of autoracing. Oftentimes, they use race fuel which at some tracks has moved up to $10 per gallon.

With the Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, many folks will be heading to local lakes and rivers.

The good news: Gas prices at various marinas are not that far out of step from what motorists pay at the pump. But if your hobby is car racing, that's a different story.

Weekend racers have to take a heavy gulp before they fill up these days, WLKY television in Louisville, Ky., reported.

Sunoco racing fuel at the Salem Speedway costs an eye-popping $7.75 a gallon.

"We've seen a pretty dramatic increase ourselves. Just in the last week we saw a 40-cent increase from our supplier," said Aaron Baum of Baum Racing Supply. "But we're still a reasonable priced gas compared to other race tracks across the country. We're seeing upwards of $10 at some race tracks."

The double hit comes when the racers trailer the car to track because they're paying to get it there and back, and also to run it at the event. Eventhough the prices seem high, they've increased in line with the way regular fuel has for the most part. Five years ago those same racers were probably paying between $3-$4 per gallon for race fuel, and $1.60-$2.00 for non-race gas. And to think that racing used to be considered an expensive hobby. Now it's become an extravagant one.

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