Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tim Montgomery Could Be Waiting In The Blocks For A Long, Long Time

A couple of years ago, Tim Montgomery was on top of the world as far as running track is concerned. He had won some medals participating in relay events, and had broken Maurice Greene's 100m world record. Thereby earning the title of the "Fastest Man on Earth". Due to that success he was eventually cast in a Nike commercial.

Ah, but if the Ben Jonson's, Marion Joneses, and Katerina Thanou's of the world have taught us anything it's that the life of a track and field star isn't always great. Unfortunately, Montgomery has shown that to be the case more than once.

The first big incident came in December of 2005 when Montgomery was hit with a two year ban for doping, and had all of his records since March 31, 2001 nullified. That included his 100m world record.

Less than a year later, he was arrested for cashing fradulent checks as part of a money laundering scheme. He plead guily to those charges, and is waiting to be sentenced.

Then, this past Monday Montgomery appeared in court to answer the accusations that he sold a confidential informant 111 grams of heroin. Montgomery entered a plea of not guilty, and his trial has been set for July 9. Allegedly, Montgomery made four seperate transactions with the informant while authorities recorded audio and videotaped.

Whether or not Montgomery really did deal heroin remains to be seen, but I imagine that he wishes he could throw on a pair of Nikes and haul ass like he did in his commercial.

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