Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ron Zook, Overvalued Again

You think gas is expensive? What about NCAA rugs? Well, not all of them, but two in particular. Two that are tied together by one individual.
Yes, most of the rugs pictured are on sale starting at a mere $10.50. Except for Arkansas of course because they have to cover that Petrino contract somehow. However, the Illinois and Florida rugs are $105.00. Though, that's a steal because they originally cost $299.99! With that type of price cut you can afford to buy two. One for the front door, and one for the room that was going to be your kid's but changed after your wife tired of your college football obession and hauled ass. Otherwise known as the "common area" of your new studio apartment.

So who is blame for this obvious overvaluing of rugs? Why Coach Ron Zook of course!

Oh sure, he'll dazzle you with talk of quality construction, and how this year's model is so much improved over last year's. He'll let you know that this a high quality, durable item, and that he stands behind it 100%. And The Zooker will ask you to be patient with the shipping because these things take time. But after a few weeks you'll notice that the edges are beginning to fray, and that it's really not all that different from the previous models. In fact, it's almost worse because he really got your hopes up that this time it would be different. In the end, you'll be pissed because after dropping some serious coin on what should have been a badass rug for your midlife crisis bachelor pad you're stuck with an overvalued piece of shit that everyone makes fun of.

So, save yourself the heartache and buy something else. Might I suggest the Syracuse rug? At least the expectations are low when you buy that model.

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