Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Every NBA Fan Should Be Rooting For The Hornets Over The Spurs

I'm not the biggest fan of NBA basketball. For the most part, I find it tedious to watch and not all that exciting. To me, college basketball is a lot more entertaining. However, I usually try to catch some of the NBA playoffs and the Finals. That is, if they're worth watching. Last year's was somewhat worth it to me because of LeBron, but this year's won't be if the Spurs make a repeat trip.

Don't get me wrong, the Spurs are a good team. They're seemingly a "nice" team. If you wanted your kid to idolize an athlete(and who doesn't?!?), the Spurs have a few on their roster. However, they are boring as hell to watch. Sure, they're fundamentally sound. Bring the ball over halfcourt, set up the offense, pass it into Duncan. Either he shoots it, or kicks it out to someone else for a jumpshot. They run it like clockwork on just about every trip down the floor. And you know what? It bores me to death. I actually feel like I have to work to watch them play a basketball game. And sports are supposed to be an enjoyable distraction. Not another job. Fortunately, there is still hope for this year's NBA Finals. It comes in the form of the New Orleans Hornets.

Granted, if they make the Finals we're going to hear a billion stories about the rebuilding of New Orleans, and how the basketball team's success is such an inspiration. Yes, it would be a great thing for the city, though I'm sure there are quite a few other people in New Orleans that inspire just as much, if not more, and they never get any media coverage. But I would welcome those stories if it meant that I got to see Chris Paul, David West and their teammates running the floor instead of Parker, Duncan, Ginobli, etc. setting up their vanilla offense over and over again. Boring.

Seriously, if NBA fans thought last year's TV ratings for the Finals were low, all they will have to do is wait for this year's matchup to feature San Antonio and a team other than the Celtics(Garnett in the Finals will draw viewers). It's no secret that the NBA struggles in TV viewership when compared with the NFL. And another "boring" NBA Finals featuring the San Antonio Spurs isn't going to help. So, if you really want the league to put out the most exciting, watchable product you'll be rooting for the New Orleans Hornets on Monday night.

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