Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Craigslist: The Place To Scout Talent For Your UF Themed Party

Craigslist is great for a lot of things. Finding cars, jobs, furniture and now talent for your son's going away to college party.

I need 4 ladies who don't mind wearing body paint for my sons going off to College Party. There will be a University of Florida theme so you will have UF football uniforms professionally airbrushed on your upper body but you will be wearing blue boy shorts. You will be compensated $100 per hour for serving drinks and finger foods plus any tips you receive. I will take care of the rest, your shorts, meals & transportation if needed. If you are interested please contact me at metrofilmz@yahoo.com and please include photos that demonstrate your figure so I can determine if you have the right look for the party, thanks.

Haha, amazing. Surprisingly, my "going off to college party" consisted of a dinner out somewhere(probably Olive Garden, molto buon!), a congratulatory card and the not so subtle hinting that I better get my degree in a reasonable amount of time. Honestly, I'm curious to know if the 4 ladies will be airbrushed with real numbers and player names. If so, #15 Tebow will probably be the most popular, but only because Florida doesn't have a #69 on the roster.


Keegan said...

We actually did go to Olive Garden for mine. I only remember because my dad told me:

"Congrats, you passed high school, which is something a monkey with a pulse could do"

Ahhh, the endless breadsticks.

BDoc said...

Haha, that's probably pretty close to my experience Keegan.

And the endless breadsticks? An excellent filler to help you save part of your meal to eat after a night of drinking.