Tuesday, June 10, 2008

F@#k It, Let's Go Bowling

Yes, The Dude and Walter Sobchak would most definitely support Disney's newest venture. Well, at least on every day except Shabbos.

And exactly what is Disney's new addition to its Wide World of Sports complex going to be? How about a 100 lane bowling stadium? Yeah, when you're laying down that much wood you get to call it a stadium.

Disney's Wide World of Sports is expanding its strike zone with what could be the biggest bowling stadium in the country.

Planned for 100 lanes, stadium-style seating and a restaurant, the facility would be complete in about 18 months. When not used for tournaments, the stadium would be open to the public, Disney officials said Monday.

"It's big. It will be big for the area," said Ray Turgeon of Winter Springs, a bowler who had heard rumors about the facility and the tournaments it will host. "For a lot of new bowlers who have not bowled in a national tournament, it would be great."

Big is an understatement. The venue is going to be huge. Though, apparently United States Bowling Congress tournaments are the "world's largest participatory sporting event", and Osceola County is hoping that they'll energize the economy with dollars from the visiting bowlers. Hopefully, none of them show up with an empty briefcase, and a sob story about a stolen rug.

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