Friday, June 13, 2008

Woman Taking "Be Like Mike" A Little Too Far

Michael Jordan may be a lot of things, Hall of Fame basketball player, Nike and Gatorade pitchman, horrible outfielder, but there is one thing he isn't. And that is the father of Lisa Miceli's son. Though, she doesn't agree despite the paternity tests and legal rulings.

A judge has barred a Pennsylvania woman from contacting Michael Jordan, his family or his representatives.

Lisa Miceli says the basketball great fathered her 4-year-old son. The 35-year-old woman was thrown out of court after speaking out several times during a hearing on the request June 4.

Earlier this year, Jordan filed a lawsuit to enforce a 2005 agreement to stay away from him after two DNA tests proved he was not the boy's father.

Jordan's attorneys say Miceli continued to send Jordan hundreds of e-mails and telephone him in spite of that agreement.

Seriously, she sounds a little overzealous, but don't you know that that's how all bloggers are? Wait, you didn't know that she was a blogger? Well, don't worry because I've got the link right here:

It's where you'll find gems like:
MJ NEVER EXPRESSED AN INTEREST IN KELLY WERNER - he called her bowlegs and my horse ended up stolen and then my DNA files....

A stolen horse? Well, that's pretty sad.

And this:
THIS IS WHAT INFURIATES ME THE MOST...... MJ WAS WITH ME AND NOT JUANITA JORDAN... I have no desire to be that woman.... nor look like her or have her thick body..

If that is what MJ likes, this proves that I was raped and he should go to jail.... and never contact me or the child again....

Sounds like a pretty airtight case to me!

And of course this:
His lawyer, Fred Sperling needs to be disbarred.... for fraudulent misrepresentation... does he represent LIVE NATION??? NO - He is not one of their lawyers...

Is he DEREK JETER's lawyer??? NO....

So, then how can he speak for them.... he cannot... MJ IS SPEAKING FOR THEM.. he wants the whole world to ban me for me asking him for a DNA TEST.... MJ flips the script like he is the important one... and he CASUED 9/11 with his mockery of ARAB CULTURE AND BLATANT DISRESPECT OF ME.... and blaming me for the affair.. WHY??? I wanted to be married to a faithful partner.....

M.J. as the cause of 9/11? How could George Tenet ever have missed that?

Oh man, maybe Bissinger was right about this blog stuff.

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