Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Increasing Fuel Prices Causing Increase In Ticket Prices

This post goes hand in hand with the one that I posted about recreational racers, and the pinch they're feeling as they try to continue participating in a hobby that requires a lot of fuel. Only this time, the cost of fuel is trickling down and affecting the fans.

Many people probably don't realize how much minor league teams travel. It's not always hundreds of thousands of miles, but it does add up during the season. And when the price of fuel has increased like it has, that cost has to be covered somehow. Oftentimes, it's done by increasing ticket prices, which means that fans are feeling the effects on the way to the game and when they arrive.

Firecats tickets started at $12 or $15 in 2003. Today, they start at $17.50 or $25.
Everblades ticket prices will rise by $1 from last season, ranging from $12 to $34 for rink-side seats. In 2001, Everblades tickets ranged from $8 to $17.

Miracle tickets have risen from $3 and $5 to $5 and $7 since 2001.

However, the rise in fuel prices can also benefit the teams. Instead of having to increase ticket prices, some teams are using larger attendance numbers to offset the increasing costs. That's happening because people are searching out local events instead of driving out of their immediate area.
But the rising cost of gas might actually help the minor-league teams in terms of attendance, Gliner said.

“As we get into the summer time, people who might go away for vacations might not be doing that right now,” said Gliner, who noted a 20 percent rise in attendance this season from the last. “They’ll be looking for things to do locally.

“If we can continue to work hard on our end and keep the sponsors coming back, we can stay affordable.”

Overall, it appears that teams are doing their best to keep ticket prices from increasing. Hopefully, increased attendance and creative sponsorship deals can allow them to offer fans an affordable entertainment option.

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