Monday, July 10, 2006

Goodbye Soccer For Another Four Years

The World Cup is over, and Italy has been crowned the victors. It's time to hang up those cleats for another four years.

Unfortunately for soccer fans in the U.S. that's pretty close to the truth. I would never consider myself to be a soccer afficianado, at least not at this point in my life. I watched as many World Cup matches as my work schedule would allow(*cough cough* I need to go home to watch the France vs Portugal mean rest), and really got into the whole WC "thing".

Now that it's over I look longingly to 2010, and realize that four years is a long time to wait for a sporting event. Sure, the MLB season seems to drag on for four years, but in reality it's only 20 months(really it does seem to take forever).

The biggest problem is that there isn't much here in the States to replace WC action with. The MLS is painful to watch, and yes I've tried. Picking up games from overseas is great, though the time difference can even make that a bit difficult. I guess what I'm wishing for is a league with quality, meaningful games that aren't interrupted every 15 seconds by some talking head trying to sell me something I don't really need.

However, maybe that's what makes the World Cup so special. The fact that its trophy is only presented once every four years. That the stars are guys with beautiful footwork and one word names. And fans in the States only get to see them in primetime once every 1,460 days.

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