Thursday, July 13, 2006

Next Year's NFL Combine: 40 Yard Stab'N'Dash

First, thanks to for updates on this story. They do a very good job at breaking many stories before the "big" news outlets do, and a very good job at explaining some of the more complex issues like the salary cap, CBA, etc.

This past Sunday(July 9th) night Roderick Green, a third year linebacker for the Ravens, was stabbed as he was leaving a Baltimore County bowling facility. The story is that Green and another man accidently bumped into each, some words were exchanged, the assailant followed Green outside and stabbed him once before Brown decided to show off his 4.58 speed and took off running.

Yesterday, Baltimore County police released video of the attacker chasing Green after he stabbed him. Personally, if I were Green I would be a little pissed that this video was released. Eventhough he endured a violent attack, his teammates now have an endless source of joke production complete with video reference. The fact that Green is 6'2, 245lbs, and the police are looking for a suspect that's "5 feet 10, with a thin build" probably doesn't help either.

Maybe the NFL should start offering self defense classes since NFL players seem prone to coming out on the wrong side of altercations. I.E. Ken Hamlin, Roderick Green, Fred Miller(though it was his own teammate doing the facial reconstruction).

Or maybe next year every 40 yard dash participant gets a little knife wound before running so they're fully prepared for life in the NFL.

On a completely unrelated note, I've heard that Ray Lewis is an avid bowler. Someone might want to check into that.

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