Monday, July 16, 2007

Nothing Says "Athlete" Like A Madden Championship Ring

I admit, I enjoy participating in some of the not so physically taxing aspects of "sports" like video games and fantasy leagues. They entertain me, and the aspect of competition is always fun. However, I've never once thought "hey, I should get a ring to commemorate all of these wins". Though, someone has because famous ringmaker Jostens(you know, the company that made your high school ring that your parents spent a fortune on and you have no idea where it is) is partnering with EA Sports Tiburon(home of titles like NCAA Football and Madden) to provide rings for Madden gamers.

"Madden players progress through five ring levels as they win games. Once players reach the third level, they can turn their virtual rings into real ones by purchasing them through the Jostens Web site.

To design the rings, players choose from 32 NFL team logos and 19 EA logos. The sides of the ring display the achievement level reached.

The rings aren't cheap. They range in price from $149 for a nonprecious-metal ring to $495 for a 10-karat gold ring. Each ring has cubic zirconia, but players can spruce them up by adding diamonds. Doing so could lift the price over $1,000."

Adding diamonds? Pushing the price over $1,000? Wow, that might be a little over the top. Though, nothing screams "athlete" like a diamond encrusted Madden ring.

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