Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please Say A Prayer For The France Family

The France family, pioneers of NASCAR since Bill France Sr. founded it in 1948, have experienced another tragedy today as Lesa France Kennedy's husband, Dr. Bruce Kennedy, was killed in a plane crash. The Cessna 310 crashed into two homes in Sanford, FL this morning after the pilot, Michael Klemm, declared smoke in the cockpit and was attempting to land at the Orlando Sanford International Airport.

Dr. Kennedy, Michael Klemm and three other individuals, "believed to have been inside or near the homes" at the time of crash, were killed.

Dr. Kennedy's death comes just a little over a month after the death of Lesa France Kennedy's father, Bill France Jr., on June 4.

The France family has contributed countless amounts of hours and finances to the sport of stock car racing and the Daytona Beach community. My prayers go out to them during this extremely difficult time.

Also, please say a prayer for the families of the other individuals killed in this horrific crash. It truly is a tragedy.

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