Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ted Ginn Jr. Not Having A Great Start In Miami

Second round pick quarterback John Beck signed with the Dolphins late Sunday, but Ted Ginn Jr. is still holding out and will miss the start of rookie practice.


I understand that guys who make it to the NFL want to make sure they get a decent rookie deal. However, there also has to be some humbleness and gratitude involved because they've just been presented with a chance to play in one of the best professional leagues in the world.

My problem with Ginn holding out is that I feel he should be grateful that he was drafted at #9 after many "experts" projected him as a late first(at best) or second round pick. He has to have been presented with more money than he thought he was going to make with where he was projected to go prior to Miami drafting him, but his mini-holdout(the Dolphins won't consider him "late" until Friday) isn't portraying him as a player eager to make an instant impact for the Dolphins.

And Ginn's boss, Wayne Huizenga, is probably even more displeased than me.

Owner Wayne Huizenga, displeased that the Dolphins' top picks held out in 2005 and 2006, warned in March he had no patience for a repeat.

"If you don't report, you're sitting out, baby. We're not playing you," Huizenga said then.

The following month, Miami took Ohio State receiver-returner Ginn with the ninth pick in the draft.

And with many fans already displeased with Miami drafting him at #9 this isn't helping to win them over. Hopefully his play on the field this season helps with that. Or maybe he can continue to be Miami's official jersey modeler.

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