Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pimpin' Wasn't Easy At This Year's MLB All-Star Game

It's no secret that prostitutes often converge on big cities during major events like conferences or sports contests. Hell, the Minnesota Vikings flew in pro's from Atlanta and Florida for a simple boat party, so you can only imagine how many working girls flock to cities for things like the Super Bowl, or one of the All-Star Games.

Though, it looks like this year it was a little more difficult to score some roadside action for those looking to do so while attending the MLB All-Star Game. City officials launched a crackdown nicknamed "Operation Strikeout"(I thought that was the modern rock band formed by Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite, but whatever) that targeted areas in San Francisco and Oakland known for pimpin' activity.

"More than 10 agencies teamed up during the sting -- which included officials conducting undercover operations, posing as prostitutes and engaging in Internet rings. The operation resulted in 131 arrests, including 46 in San Francisco and 40 in Oakland."

I've always thought that picking up a prostitute is one of the more dangerous things to do. You could get arrested, robbed and/or contract some type of disease. Awesome! And, if you were looking for a chick during the All-Star game it might not have been that different than what you had going on at home.
"Among those arrested were four girls under the age of 18. One of the minors arrested by the South San Francisco police department brought her 8-month-old baby with her to work."

What the hell? Can you imagine some poor guy's reaction when he pulls over, and the girl gets into the car with an 8-month old? Not to mention, she's underage. Yeah buddy, I think you may have a problem.

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