Thursday, July 19, 2007

What Sport Inflicted These Injuries?

When you read the following what sport do you think of?

...punctured lung that immediately required draining, hairline fractures in three dorsal vertebra, five fractured ribs, fractured shoulder blade, sprained shoulder, transferred to hospital.

Running with the bulls? No.

Automobile racing? No.

Motorcycle racing? No, but you're pretty close.

How about riding in the Tour de France?

Australian rider, Stuart O'Grady, suffered those injuries "after crashing into a roadside barrier on the descent of the Cormet de Roselend during the eighth stage from Le Grand Bornand to Tignes."

O'Grady apparently touched wheels with another rider which sent him hurtling towards the roadside barrier. Fortunately, that barrier kept him from going off of the road and into a steep ravine. O'Grady is convinced that the barrier saved his life.
"The big wood post actually kept me alive and stopped me (from going over the edge of the cliff)."

It sounds like a pretty close call, but O'Grady is expected to recover. Hopefully he comes out of this ok.

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