Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Damn The Man And His Double Standards!

I'm all for protecting our children from predators and perverts, but sometimes it seems like people go a little too far. Like telling two high school seniors that they had to leave a football game because of their bikini tops and body paint.

Jessyca Altenbach and Monica Cummings are best friends. They do practically everything together and last Friday night was no different.

They're seniors at Manatee High School in Bradenton. They wanted to show their school spirit at the home football game against Riverview Friday night. So they slipped on bikini tops and painted their bodies the school colors. Altenbach says "We were thinking about it about 3 weeks before. We saw the guys do it. We thought it was a good idea. I've never seen a girl do it before so we were like let's do it."

The girls say it took them an hour and a half to get ready and they drove to the game sitting on beach towels afraid the paint would rub off.

But when the girls got to the game to take their seats in the stands school administrators say people in the stands started to complain about their appearance.

Apparently, some people complained that the way the girls painted themselves it looked as if they didn't have on any clothes, and they believed it to be "highly suggestive and offensive".

Attenbach and Cummings have stated that they want both guys and girls to be able to support the team with body painting, and they're hopeful that they'll be able to do so for "Senior Night" this Friday.
Altenbach says “I want to see a change. I want it to be either guys can do it and girls or no one can do it. It shouldn't be guys can do it and we can't."

Jessyca and Monica say this Friday is "senior night" and they want to dress up the same way for that big game. They plan to ask the principal for his approval first.

Hopefully, the school lets them support the team in this manner, which isn't really all that "suggestive or offensive". And if they're scared of shady behavior, then they should hire Chris Hansen and his staff to work the gate.


Greg & Sheryl said...

As sympathetic as we are to the spirited young ladies, the school administrators unfortunately had no choice but to do what they did. Once school officials started receiving complaints, they had to act upon them, regardless of how innocent the outfits may have looked to the rest of us. Some people just aren't comfortable with the idea of high school girls showing so much flesh in public.

BDoc said...

I think the most unfortunate things were that a school resource officer told them beforehand that "he didn't see anything wrong with it", and that the principal apaprently acted very rudely towards them when telling them to leave.

I understand that since it concerns high school girls at a high school event, that it brings other factors into play. However, bikini tops and body paint don't seem to be that offensive, and they apparently didn't receive any complaints from the student section where the girls were located.