Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mayor Hickenlooper, Your Tea Bet Could Have Dire Consequences

As is the case with any major sporting event in the U.S., mayors of the opposing teams have made a bet involving food. So let's see what Denver and Boston have to offer.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper announced a friendly wager Tuesday on the Boston Red Sox/Colorado Rockies World Series matchup.

The first game in the best of seven series takes place Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Fenway Park.

"There is no doubt that the infamous curse has been broken here in Boston, and the Boston Red Sox will continue their legacy of triumph with the defeat of the Colorado Rockies," Menino said. If Boston wins the World Series, Hickenlooper will send these Colorado products to Boston to be served at a charity of Menino's choice:

100 Quiznos sandwiches
100 cups of Celestial Seasonings teas
100 servings of Great Western tortilla chips
100 servings on Epic Valley salsa
100 scoops Liks Rocky Road ice cream

If the unthinkable should occur and Colorado wins, Menino will send some of Boston's finest products to Denver to be served to a charity of Hickenlooper's choice:

100 cups Legal Seafoods New England clam chowder
100 cups Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
100 Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Crème doughnuts
100 "Curse Reversed” ice cream bars from Brigham’s Ice Cream
12 pints “Boston You’re My Home” ice cream from Brigham’s Ice Cream

Alright, chips, salsa, doughnuts, coffee, Quiznos, clam chowder, lots of ice cream and tea!

Wait a second, tea? What the hell?

First, doesn't Mayor Hickenlooper realize that Celestial Seasonings teas don't portray the "strongest" of images? With flavors like "Blueberry Breeze Green Tea" and "Sleepytime Extra Wellness" how can he expect his team not to get their asses kicked?

And second, has he forgotten about Boston's historical experience with tea? You know, like the time Bostonians destroyed 45 tons of it.

As of right now, I would have to say that Boston has an early edge. Hopefully for Mayor Hickenlooper's sake his tea bet won't doom his team.

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