Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Even Toothpicks Can Shut Down The Tawas

The Tawas Braves had compiled a 5-2 record and were fighting for a playoff berth as they headed into their matchup against the Alcona Tigers last Friday. The winner would make it into the playoffs, and the Braves expected the normal crowd of 1,000 fans to be there supporting them at their homefield.

Unfortunately, something came up and the game had to be moved 40 miles away to Alcona's home stadium.

That something was toothpicks. Thousands of toothpicks strewn across the field.

Thousands of toothpicks caused a big problem for the Tawas Braves high school football team.

Friday night's highly anticipated matchup between rivals Tawas and the Alcona Tigers was to determine a play-off spot for one of the teams, WNEM-TV in Saginaw reported.

The game was scheduled to be played at Tawas, but thousands of toothpicks sticking up out of the ground on the field prompted officials to move the game 40 miles to Alcona's home field.

Instead of the usual 1,000 fans showing up for a Tawas home game, only 150 made the trek to Alcona.

The venue change didn't hamper Tawas though, as they hammmered Alcona 49-0. However, they might want to be cautious about their next home game because some feel a prior beatdown might have caused the toothpick fiasco.
Students from the toothpick-laden school have alluded to the involvement of students from Oscoda, which Tawas beat 72-0 a few weeks ago. It was a record worst for the school.

The toothpicks were removed one by one by fans and school officials.

Seriously? Tossing thousands of toothpicks onto a rival's field after they whooped your ass? Sounds pretty weak. Though, Joe Paterno might want to look into it as punishment for some of his players. I'm sure that Beaver Stadium can hold a helluva lot of toothpicks.

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