Friday, October 19, 2007

Matt Jones Already Has His Halloween Costume Ready

For those of you that have seen "Pirates of the Caribbean" I'm sure that you're familiar with Captain Barbossa. However, some of you(obviously the ones that have never seen the film) might not know that his character was based on a real pirate by the name of Barbarossa, or Redbeard. And now, through the power of superstition and a lack of shaving, the Jacksonvile Jaguars are poised to have their very own "Redbeard" courtesy of Matt Jones.

Jacksonville's third-year WR Matt Jones sports a full red beard, an unusual sight in a sport in which beards are customarily kept short because of the mandatory use of chin straps.

Jones is ready to get rid of it, but there's one issue.

"I'll go until I score," Jones said. "You can write that."

Jones has been held without a touchdown over his last five games, and it appears that at least one person isn't digging the firechin.
We've got to get him a touchdown so he'll shave," Coach Jack Del Rio said this week, only half-jokingly.

Ah, lighten up coach. Two more weeks without a touchdown, and Jones should be ready for any and all Halloween festivities. Who knows, maybe he'll even let ya throw on an eye patch and attend some parties.

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