Friday, October 19, 2007

Pacman Getting Chomped Yet Again

About ten days ago, Adam "Pacman" Jones made it known that he felt he had done enough to warrant an early reinstatement into the NFL. As it stands right now, Jones has been suspended for the entire 2007 season, though his case is elgibile for review after the Titan's 10th game on November 19. Whether or not Jones feels that he's done enough probably isn't quite so relevant now because he, the Titans and the NFL have just been sued by the strip club manager that was paralyzed due to a shooting by someone that was possibly associated with Pacman.

A strip club manager paralyzed in a triple shooting in February is suing the National Football League, the Tennessee Titans and suspended football player Adam "Pacman" Jones, claiming they're responsible for his injuries, his lawyer said.

"The fact that the NFL and the Titans did not punish Adam 'Pacman' Jones until after Tommy was paralyzed is a proximate cause of Tommy's injuries," Dushoff said before a news conference at a Henderson hotel with Urbanski and his wife, Kathleen Urbanski.

"Even, 'three strikes and you're out,' and this wouldn't have happened to me," Urbanski said at a news conference with his schoolteacher wife.

If Pacman had any opportunity of returning to the NFL, no matter how slim, it's probably gone now. With one month before any suspension appeal can even be heard, there's a lot of time for this case to be brought back into the limelight. There's also a lot of time for Roger Goodell to be pissed about the NFL being sued because of someone that was possibly a friend of Pacman.

As bad as it is to say, Mike Vick and his situation took a lot of heat off of Pacman, but this new lawsuit is turning it back up and probably setting fire to any chances he had at getting on the field in '07.

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