Thursday, June 08, 2006

Do They Even Have Sushi In Bulgaria?

The World Sumo League 2006 Mega Tour is getting ready to kick off in the United States, and it surprisingly isn't just about huge men from the Far East anymore. Currently, there are wrestlers from a number of different countries including; Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and even the good 'ole USA.

One of the most intriguing wrestlers has to be Bulgaria's Georgiev Stiliyan(celebrating in pic after taking down Norway's Ronny Allman). At 5'7, 250lbs he is one of the smallest competitors. Though, his nickname ""White Wolf" surely strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents. Personally, I would have gone with something like "All You Can't Eat Buffet" or "Gastric Bypass", but that's just me.


Other wrestlers have quite entertaining nicknames as well. There's Karsten "Wreckqiuem" Grap from Potsdam, Marek "Lord of Rage" Kraszewski from Poland(I wonder if he's addicted to rageahol), Petar "Burn Chamber" Soyanov from Bulgaria(for some reason that sparks memories of Mortal Kombat), Sidney "Thunderhead" Carty from the Netherlands(sounds like an old James Bond villain), Harrington "Hurricane" Wa'a from the U.S.(wonder if Carolina ever thought about stuffing him in the goal) and Oni Pa'a Imua "Bloodfeud" Pa'a'aina also from the U.S. Maybe he should just go by his nickname?

The league has even created its own Myspace page to handle all the newfound international popularity. I mean who doesn't want sumo wrestlers in their Top 8?

Maybe sumo wrestling will catch on here in the States, and provide us with another source of entertainment and gambling revenue. At the very least, wearing a mawashi with your favorite wrestler's name embroidered just above your crack would provide others with endless hours of laughter.

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