Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Florida's Mr. Basketball 2005 Arrested...Again

Keith Brumbaugh, former Deland High basketball standout and Florida's Mr. Basketball 2005, was arrested, for the second time in two months, this past Sunday night. It's another misstep for someone who seemed so talented.

Keith Brumbaugh, a player who averaged 30 points per game his senior season, seemed destined for success. He had had some problems his junior season, being suspended twice for academics and once for violating team rules. However, he made the most of his "second chance", and by the end of his senior year both Scouts Inc. and had him ranked in their respective top 20 lists of players in the country. Brumbaugh declared for the NBA, but withdrew his name in time to keep his collegiate elligibility.

Eventually, he headed off to Oklahoma State where DickieV said he was "certainly capable of having an immediate impact in the Big 12." This was even after an incident in Stillwater where he was charged with shoplifting from a local Wal-Mart. It appeared that Brumbaugh was ready to move on from that mistake, and he was allowed to continue to pursue a spot on the OSU team. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to adhere to their academic standards, and was ruled inelligible before he got to play one game. It appeared that Brumbaugh had blown his "second chance" at OSU.

Rumors circulated that Brumbaugh had decided to enroll at San Jacinto Community College, a program known for its basketball team. However, officials have denied that he ever visited the campus.

Then, last month Brumbaugh was arrested in Florida and charged with a felony, fleeing and eluding, and a misdemeanor, resisting arrest without violence. The arrest came after Orange City police stopped a car that Brumbaugh and Justin Brown, a known felon, were riding in, and they discovered a rifle, a "couple of hundred rounds of ammunition", an "electric weapon", a knife, a shirt with the word "Police" on it, and a badge with the words "Private Investigator" on it.

Now, Brumbaugh finds himself in trouble yet again following an arrest this past Sunday night. Only a few days before he was to appear in court to face the charges from May. Police officers responding to a trespassing call came upon Brumbaugh and asked him for identification. He told them that he "didn't have any i.d." and that he "wasn't from here". Eventually, the police booked him into jail on $500 bail.

Brumbaugh is facing multiple criminal charges, and any plans to play in the NBA one day have been put on hold. It appears that he might not ever get another "second chance". Sadly, he seems destined to fall into the mold of "just because you're talented doesn't guarantee you'll be successful".

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