Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Drew Carey! Your World Cup Tour Guide?

Apparently, Drew Carey is a huge soccer fan, and the Travel Channel has snatched him up to provide photos and blogs during the World Cup. Either that, or Anthony Bourdain pissed off someone in Germany at some point.

Carey is originally from Cleveland, Ohio which isn't exactly a hub of soccer activity. It doesn't play host to an MLS team, though Columbus, just roughly 140mi away, is home to the MLS team "The Crew". However, the current U.S. WC team doesn't have any "Crew members" playing for it.

His bio on the Travel Channel makes no mention of his soccer interest, though the various pictures of him holding soccer balls definitely showcase his expertise.

In all honesty, Carey and the cast of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" could probably do a better job comentating the matches than Dave O'Brien and Marcelo Balboa. At the very least, it would be entertaining to hear Wayne Brady say, "don't make me have to choke a bitch!" after a few poor Larrionda calls.

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