Friday, June 09, 2006

Heat vs Mavs Live Blog!

Tonight I will be live blogging Game 1 of the Heat vs Mavs series, but there's a twist. I will only be blogging during times that GP is actually on the court. This will allow me to provide a specific account of what very well could be GP's last Finals appearance. It also reduces some of the burden that comes with blogging 48 minutes of heartpounding NBA action.

So check back this evening for updates, and hopefully Mark Cuban's genitalia doesn't influence the outcome.


9:07pm: The National Anthem is in full swing. Just a few minutes until all the hype and conjecture doesn't mean anything.

9:09pm: Miami Heat introductions.

9:10pm: Dallas Mavericks introductions. With that music all I can think of is CSI. I'm surprised they didn't show Mark Cuban.

Obviously I said that I would only blog when GP is on the floor, but the introductions don't count.

9:12pm: Dallas Mavs starting line-up. Diop looked a little off-balance running onto the court. Wonder if his nerves are acting up?

Just a note before the game begins. The SuperPretzels you buy at the store, the ones that currently have Roger Clemens' face on them, really aren't too bad with some spicy mustard.

9:39pm: GP makes his first appearance. 1:58 left in the 1st quarter, Miami-25, Dallas-22.

9:40pm: GP brings the ball down, and gets it to Wade who sinks a nice jumper.

9:44pm: GP snags the ball, and dishes for the assist on a long 3-pt.

9:45pm: End of the 1st quarter. Miami is winning 31 to 23.

9:48pm: 2nd quarter begins.

9:51pm: Payton got taken on a good screen. On the next possession he shot a 3 that was off the back of the rim. As much as I hate to say it, Payton seems to not be as aggressive on defense as he used to be. After getting screened he basically gave up on the play.

9:57pm: Payton grabs a nice rebound. He looked energized on that fastbreak.

10:02pm: I don't know about you, but that big head Gatorade commercial kinda freaked me out.

10:35pm: Well something happened, and my laptop decided to lock up for just a bit. I ended up losing the updates from 10:18, but all they basically said was the Nowitzki hit a long jumper at the buzzer to put the Mavs up 46 to 44.

11:14pm: End of the 4th. Not much action for GP in that quarter. Dallas leads 70 to 68.

11:21pm: GP back in, and immediately plays some good defense.

11:27pm: GP missed another 3, and got burned for a 3 on defense by Jason Terry. Not looking good for the Heat right now.

11:45pm: Sorry for the lack of updates. GP grabbed a nice rebound, took a shot from Stackhouse in the lane, and knocked the ball out of Terry's grasp as he drove to the basket.

11:52: The Mavs take Game 1 by a score of 90 to 80. Jason Terry lit the Heat up tonight, and GP is going to have to step it up for the rest of the series.

The Mavs definitely had more consistent depth, and more speed(outside of Wade). Miami is really going to have to keep the tempo slow if they want to have a shot at winning the series.

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