Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tonight, Live Blogging of Heat vs Mavs! With a Twist!

Ok, so I posted before that this Thursday, which is now today, I would be doing a live Randall "Action" Jackson blog. Randall Jackson is actually the throwback persona that the Miami Heat created for Gary Payton when they put together their fictious "Floridians" team. This is how it all ties together.

I'm not a huge NBA fan, however I've been a Gary Payton fan for quite some time. I rooted for him when he reached the Finals with the Sonics(damn you MJ!), rooted when he was in Boston, rooted when he reached the finals with the Lakers(damn you Deee-troit baaasketball!), and here I am rooting for him in the Finals with the Heat.

With all that said, tonight I will be live blogging Game 1 of the Heat vs Mavs series, but there's a twist. I will only be blogging during times that GP is actually on the court. This will allow me to provide a specific account of what very well could be GP's last Finals appearance. It also reduces some of the burden that comes with blogging 48 minutes of heartpounding NBA action.

So check back this evening for updates, and hopefully Mark Cuban's genitalia doesn't influence the outcome.

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