Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Nike + Apple = World Domination!

When ultrapowerful entities form a partnership you're never quite sure what the result will be.

It could produce wonderful things like the cartoons of Bill Hanna and Joe Barbara. Watching Tom take Jerry's abuse will never get old.

It could also have horrible consequences like the ones that Enron rained down on its employees and shareholders.

Recently, Nike and Apple partnered to create a system where runners can use their iPod Nano to log miles, calories burned, etc. and upload that information onto their computer. The first thing I thought of was Dirk Nowitzki jamming out to some David Hasselhoff while running windsprints in the American Airlines Center.

Nike has designed a shoe with room for a small sensor under the insole. The runner places the sensor in the shoe, and then plugs a receiver into their iPod Nano. The iPod logs information like distance, time, pace and calories burned. The runner then has the ability to upload that information to the Nike Plus website where they can set goals, and invite up to 50 people to share goals and/or challenges.

Runners can also download "sport music" via a link to iTunes. Hopefully Apple will have an ample supply of Kenyan tunes available. If not, Hasselhoff is a decent second choice.

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