Friday, August 17, 2007

Feel Free To Blame ESPN For This Super Bowl Thing

Deadspin has done a good job covering the announcement of Ryan Seacrest handling the hosting duties for the Super Bowl, and alerting us to the fact that he played safety in high school. Well, in my quest to see if there was actual footage of Seacrest doing something other than smiling awkwardly or frosting his hair, I found out that he actually hosted a program for ESPN. From Wikipedia:

During his freshman year of college, Seacrest was offered his first television hosting job as the host of an ESPN program in which athletes competed against one another for cash prizes. He left the University of Georgia without graduating. has the series listed as the "Radical Outdoor Challenge". And what do you know, I was able to track down a short clip. It does have the Sklar Brothers doing some humorous commentary since it appeared on "Cheap Seats".

Seacrest and ESPN? Sssuper!

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