Monday, August 13, 2007

Suspects In Two Seperate Robberies Of NBA Stars In Custody

Authorities in Chicago announced on Saturday that they had four suspects in the robbery of Antoine Walker during a home invasion in custody. The four suspects are: 28-year-old Antoine Larkins, 25-year-old Demorris Hill, 28-year-old Phillip Allison and 23-year-old Gregory Reedfields. Hill and Larkins are also suspected of robbing Eddy Curry a few weeks after the Walker robbery.

Like I usually do when I read "interesting" new articles, I hopped on good 'ole MySpace to see if these guys had profiles, and to see if they mentioned the robberies on them. However, I must state that I'm not a detective of any sort, no matter how much I wish I could grow a Magnum P.I. 'stache, and that I'm pretty sure that the profile listed belong to one of the suspects but I can't be 100% sure.

The only one I could find was Antoine Larkins. Male, 28, from Chicago and has the same name. I'm pretty sure it's our guy. Nothing juicy here. He only has two friends, Tom and R. Kelly. Though, listing that you're a "proud parent" probably shouldn't be followed up with being held for two robberies.

Unfortunately, that was the only MySpace profile I could track down out of the four suspects listed. However, I'll continue to check out MySpace profiles for some humor or insight whenever the names are provided in the articles.

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