Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That Train Wouldn't Have Had A Chance

Some nationalities are just known for certain things. The French deliver us great wine and cheese. Russians and Poles produce great vodka. Germans have to have beer present when supporting soccer teams or they get rowdy. Well, at least that's what Germany's national railway tells us.

Germany's national railway wasn't about to risk sending a trainload of soccer fans to a German Cup match without beer.

Federal police said Monday that the beer tap failed aboard a special train carrying Bayer Leverkusen fans to Hamburg on Saturday. The fault was discovered half an hour into the journey.

"In order not to endanger the good mood" of the passengers, railway officials halted the train in Wuppertal for 25 minutes and had a replacement part delivered by taxi, a police statement said. It added that there was no trouble among the fans.

I love the fact that they didn't want to "endanger the good mood". That's a more polite way of saying "we didn't want them to burn this motherfucker to the ground!"

It's a much different outcome than if it had happened to soccer fans in the U.S. If this had happened on an Amtrak train here they would have kept on going and everyone would have just blamed David Beckham.

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