Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's Like He's 16 All Over Again

For some reason I love it when an athlete gains notoriety for some level of failure in their sport of choice outside of the professional setting. For instance, like if Peyton Manning broke some poor person's nose with an errant throw while playing catch.

In my real world example it involves Nelson Piquet and his poor everyday driving skills. Piquet won three Formula One world championships('81, '83, '87), one of only eight drivers to win that many. During the 80's he was considered one of the top Formula One racers, but nowadays he'll have to call a friend for a ride. That's because he's had his license revoked, and it's not just for speeding.

Piquet, one of just three Brazilians to win the Formula One world championship, lost his license in June after receiving a slew of speeding and parking tickets. His wife, Viviane, also had her license taken away for bad driving and joined her husband in the mandatory driver awareness course.

"I think we have to pay for our mistakes," Piquet, 54, told local news agency G1. "It's not even just a speeding problem. I got tickets for all kinds of reasons, for things like parking where I shouldn't."

I could understand getting a few speeding tickets since he did used to race Formula One cars, but it sounds like he's been busted for an array of offenses. And how hard is it to lose your license in Brazil? It seems to me that he's probably racked up quite a few points. Add to it that he used to get paid to drive a car, and it just makes the whole situation that much funnier.

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